Productivity & Privacy

I was on a roll this weekend! Since my to do list has been getting longer and longer lately, I decided to dedicate this past weekend to making some progress. On Friday I finally cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets and drawers (I put a little music on in the background and zoned out while sorting silverware). Seriously, it was great to finally get it done. On Saturday I did all my grocery shopping and ran a few errands. I also organized my office desk, painted the hallway, walked the dog, and cleaned the rest of the kitchen. The momentum continued into Sunday where I ran a few more errands, deep cleaned the bedroom, did some random organizing all over the house, and installed window films.

So even though it wasn’t anything exciting, I made some serious progress on my to do list which means less stress for me this week. Yay!

Of all the things that I accomplished this weekend, I’m most excited about the window film installation in the bedroom. You see, I have a bit of an awkward situation in my master bedroom.

I have a window behind my bed. The awkward part is what you see when you open the blinds.

Master Bedroom Window Films

Hello Neighbors!

Master Bedroom Window Films

One downside of living is a condo is the close living quarters to your neighbors. I’m actually quite lucky and don’t have this problem with all my windows, there are only two that face directly into my neighbors house, the bedroom and bathroom window. 

Now, I’m sure my neighbors are very nice, but I don’t want to look into their bedroom. On that note, I don’t want them staring into mine either. I noticed that we all keep our blinds closed 24/7 so I must not be alone in this feeling.

While I’m not missing a great view, I am missing a lot of light with the constantly closed blinds.

Master Bedroom Window Films

After the window film success in on the French doors to the backyard, it seemed like the perfect plan for this room as well. It would give me all the light, but I’d get the privacy as well.

As one person, I needed both hands to install them so I don’t have any installation pictures. However, the installation is very easy and only took about 30 minutes. Overall it took me a little over an hour from start to finish, since I had to take the bed apart to access the window for installation. 

One window done. You can see from this picture how much privacy I get with these films.

Master Bedroom Window Films

These photos are awful at giving you an idea of how much light they let in because I was taking the photos facing the light source.

Master Bedroom Window Films

While I don’t need them for privacy, I did put the wood blinds back up act as temporary black out shades. Once I have curtains picked out, I’ll remove the blinds completely on this window.

This is the best shot I could get, using only the light through that back window. You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a huge difference to the room.

Master Bedroom Window Films

And to Baxter’s amusement, he has not lost his view, since I can still open the window so he can look outside. He likes to watch (and growl) at the little Chihuahua in a backyard, two doors down. He feels all ‘top dog’ since the little dog can’t figure out that Baxter is creepily staring at him from a third floor window. Poor little Chihuahua.

Baxter’s Favorite Spot…so much for my pretty pillows.


Total Project Cost Breakdown:

Gila Frosted Window Films for 1 Large Window (Lowe’s) = $20

Gila Application Kit (Already Owned) = $0

Total Cost: $20

(plus I have extra film that can be used for a few small windows around the house)


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