Tribute Concert – Lt Dan Band

A few weeks back I saw Gary Sinise tweet that his band would be doing a tribute concert in Temecula, CA in March to raise money for a wounded Vet. I made note and snapped up some tickets the first day they went up for sale.

The concert was a combination of efforts between the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Steven Siller Tunnel To Tower Foundation. They are working to raise money to build a custom house for Juan Dominguez who is a triple amputee living in Temecula California. HERO!

To benefit this amazing cause I probably would have bought tickets to watch paint dry. However, we rocked out to one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. If you ever get a chance to see the Lt Dan Band in person, GO! They covered everything from Hendrix to Springsteen to Adele to Rascal Flatts.

We made an evening of it by heading to Old Town Temecula right after work and immediately put our names in for dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant right across from the venue. I only took one picture of old town, but it was adorable. I’ll be making another trip back there soon.

Old Town Temecula

I was starving and freezing by the time we were seated so no pictures, but their Chicken Fajitas and Chips were delicious.

At 7pm the concert started with about an hours worth of tributes, introductions to the foundations, an award for a very big donor. A NYPD Detective who was at ground zero on 9/11 sang a few songs for us. He is an incredible tenor, seriously impressive.

Tribute Concert - Lt Dan Band

A painter came on stage and painted an amazing American Flag in the time it took to sing one song. He started painting something very abstract and at the last moment smeared the whole thing and it turned into a flag. No Joke. They later auctioned it off for over $6,000!

Tribute Concert - Lt Dan Band

We were about 30 rows back and had great seats, but I apparently don’t know how to use my camera at night so my pictures weren’t that great. I will say that Gary has put together an amazing ensemble of singers and musicians. To my surprise they even had someone who played electric violin which is by far my favorite musical sound of all time.

Lt Dan Band played for 2 hours straight before we ended up leaving and we could hear them from the parking lot still going. No intermission, no breaks, just 2 hours straight rockin’ music. It was damn awesome.


…and a few pictures from the Gary Sinise Foundation Facebook page.

Sound Check

These kids were great, Brewer Boys.

Gary Sinise & Frank Siller (Frank’s brother Steven a NY Fireman, died on 9/11. After hearing the call over the radio he turned his car around and drove back toward the towers. He was blocked entry into the disaster zone at one of the city tunnels.  He strapped all his gear onto his back and ran to the towers to help. They started the Tunnel to Tower foundation in his honor. I’m not doing the story justice at all, so Google it!)


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