Eco Challenge – Lose The Dryer Sheets

I’ve been using dryer sheets for as long as I’ve been doing laundry. In fact, I’ve always used 2 sheets per load for super soft clothes. However, I’ve done a little research and dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals and I also read that it can actually harm your dryer. I already knew about the chemicals, but I chose to ignore the fact before. Just being honest. I also didn’t know what to replace them with in order to satisfy my desire for soft clothes/sheets/towels.

Dryer Sheets

*I have so many boxes because they go on sale for about 25 cents a box every so often at Target, and you go through a lot when you use 2.

I suppose this eco challenge what the kick I needed to make a change. A little more research introduced me to dryer balls.

Eco Dryer Balls

According to the package this eco options is supposed to cut down on drying time and leave the clothes extremely soft. Other benefits include the fact that they are fragrance free and contain no additional chemicals. I don’t have the original packaging anymore, but I’m going to assume that depending on the brand, they may contain some chemicals in the manufacturing process. I’ve found them online and in stores for less than $10, but I picked up mine at HomeGoods for $2.99. According to research found online, they should last about 5 years before needing to be replaced, of course, their lifespan likely depends on how many loads of laundry you do on a regular basis.

Sounds too good to be true, so I pulled together a pile of clothes and towels and tossed them in the washer. I changed nothing in how I normally do laundry except to swap out the dryer sheets for the dryer balls. I set the dryer cycle on ‘less dry’ and let them go.



Dryer Challenge - Laundry

The sound did take a little getting used to since you will hear them being tossed around during the cycle, but after a while I didn’t even notice it anymore (my dog was a little on edge during the start of the cycle though). In fact I was pleased to hear them bouncing around in there, because I originally thought that they would get caught in a towel and not do anything at all. They bounced the entire cycle and everything came out VERY soft. I did miss the ‘fresh spring’ smell that comes with my standard dryer sheets, but was impressed with how soft everything was. The only downside, some things were still slightly damp after the cycle. However, I did use a ‘less dry’ cycle which I won’t likely do again in the future for a load this size. Most things had to be hung and dried overnight. Had I used the regular heat cycle, I think everything would have dried as usual. I certainly didn’t think it dried the clothes any faster though as some online claims made. 


Success! I’ll continue using these in the future.


Now…what the hell do I do with all those boxes of dryer sheets?


4 responses

  1. Totally! I ditched dryer sheets a while back. I have never tried dryer balls before but now I want to. I like these lavender packs made by trader joes. ( Where can I get the dryer balls from?

    As far as the extra dryer sheets? I would say maybe just use them up? Or take them back to target if it hasn’t been over the return or exchange time. They are usually good about taking things back.

    • I got the dryer balls from HomeGoods, but they also sell them on Amazon for a decent price. A friend of mine swears by these [] because she can add a fragrance stick. My mom still uses dryer sheets so I think I’m going to give her the extra boxes and I’ll probably hold onto a box just in case I run into a problem with the dryer balls.

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