Eco Challenge – Hankies

Huge sigh of relief, Bubba is back from the vet and was diagnosed with…allergies. How anticlimactic (not that I wanted a dramatic diagnosis). I have some meds and shampoo which should take care of things. I’m not exactly looking forward to giving him a bath once a week, but we do what we gotta do, right? Better news? He lost 16 pounds! Last year my doc and I decided that Bubs was getting a little too chubby and I couldn’t blame it on the puppy fat anymore so his diet got a makeover and she told me to take him from a hefty 96 to 80. I’m happy to report that today the vet weighed him in at 80.4! We have a new goal to get him down to 70 which should give him a much happier and healthier life. This is why I buy him 5lbs of carrots each week folks. Maybe I should by myself 5 lbs of carrots a week…hmmm.

He looks happier (if not slightly annoyed) already. Actually this face is probably saying, ‘Do you know how they took my temperature!’ It’s his fault, he wouldn’t let them near his ears. I tried to warn him.


Okay, enough dog talk for today. Today’s eco challenge was all about tissues. The idea came to me when I saw this.

The LAST Tissue! The horror!!


I’ve always admired the man who can pull a hanky out for a crying woman (a la Dr. Phil). It’s classy. Of course they’re never actually snotting on his hanky so it looks classier on TV than in real life.

Since running out of tissues at home I decided to try using some soft flour sack dishtowels as hankies. I didn’t want to buy something and find out I wouldn’t use it. So after using them for a bit, I actually don’t mind using hankies instead of tissues at home. However, I’m still having a problem using a hanky while away from the house. Putting it back in my purse is not really sitting well with me right now.


I did find these online which I  may try to purchase or make, the Hanky Book.It essentially looks and works like a fabric book and the idea is pretty genius. I could see using this and actually putting the closed book back in my purse or pocket without feeling like I’m spreading germs all over my bag.




What do you guys think? Would you use a hanky or a hanky book?


2 responses

  1. I am not gonna lie…I am kind of a tissue snob…and waster. This would be a huge sacrifice but I am moving in that direction. I kind of like the hanky book idea…seems a bit more sanitary to me…thanks for sharing!

    • YOu do realize that you are supposed to do the same with hankies before you put them back into your purse or pocket? You blow your nose and fold the hankie beofre you put it away. And when your out of clean folds to sneeze in and fold out, than it is about time you changed hankie… 🙂

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