Weekly Eats & Grocery Budget

Last week I was over budget and to keep things even, I decided to remove the overage from this weeks budget. Instead of spending $40, I had only $33. Overall, this shopping trip ended up better than expected since I got some great deals. I spent $31.48 on everything you see below. A few people asked me to tell them what my bill would have been if I hadn’t used coupons/store reward cards/etc. This trip would gave cost me $78.36. So I saved a total of $46.88 and any day you save more than you spend is a great day in my book.

Grocery Trip 3/7

Another question I received is how much time it takes to do my shopping trip each week. I do shop multiple stores to get all my deals. That is completely my preference, if you like to shop at one store you find similar deals at you local market. This week I stopped at 4 stores and it took me 2 hours (although every week is different, sometimes it only takes me an hour). That includes driving time, shopping, and wandering around the store looking at things like Nail Polish (I get distracted sometimes). 2 hours may not be possible for everyone, but I truly enjoy figuring out the deals, it’s like a puzzle to me, so it’s worth my time to take 2 hours to finish my shopping.

Vons: $8.56

Bananas (2 lbs)
Anthony’s Whole Grain Pasta (2 boxes)
Dannon Light & Fit (4pk)
Strawberries (2 containers)
Grands Biscuits (2 cans)

Albertsons: $15.47

Lemon Juice
CPK Personal Size Pizza (2)
Quaker Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (Lagre Container)
5lb Carrots DOG TREATS
Ground Turkey (1 lb)

Henry’s: $2.89

Russet Potatoes (3 lbs)
Avocados (3)

Target: $4.80

Feta Cheese (Athenos) (1)
Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese (2)
Birds Eye SteamFresh Veggies (4)

Some of the meals I made this week are below. These are a collection of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner pictures.

Lemon Parmesan Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Roasted Broccoli

Pasta & Broccoli

Pork Loin Avocado Sandwich with Fontina Cheese

Pork Avocado Sandwich

CPK Personal Size BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Pizza

English Muffin with PB & Strawberries

Englsh Muffin & Berries

Lemon Pepper Pork Loin and Quinoa Feta Avocado Salad

Pork & Quinoa salad

Egg & Cheese Biscuits

Egg Biscuit Sandwich

Homemade Chili with Biscuit

Chili & Biscuits

I also want to thank everyone for your kind words on these posts. I’m deeply touched and inspired by all of you that have told me you’re cutting back too!


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