Eco Challenge – Dog Grooming

It has been a really weird day. I had the most vague call with my boss in which they implied that I still had a job, but they couldn’t really tell me (for those that don’t know, we’re going through layoffs right now at my company). I’m also being assigned a new project, but they couldn’t tell me what it was about. I’ll find out more later this week. Looking forward to it, since I know nothing based on that conversation.

I’ve also had a sinus headache this evening which means I spent most of the evening laying on the couch doing a lot of nothing. However, I did crawl off the couch for a bit for today’s eco challenge.

When I put together this list of eco ideas, I wanted to try a few that weren’t on the typical ‘going green’ lists. I think this one falls in that category. The goal is to start brushing my dog more often, at least once per week.



Regardless of the weather my dog sheds A LOT. I’m pretty sure I could make another dog just out of what I pull from the lint trap in the dryer. Not only does it make a mess around the house but it takes a lot of electricity, not to mention physical energy, to be constantly vacuuming the house. By brushing him more often (preferably outside) it will reduce the need to constantly run the vacuum, reduce containments in the house and improve breathing conditions. Let’s face it, it’s not just dog hair, it’s any other dirt, pollen, etc that he brings in from outside.




On the plus side, he likens it to a spa level massage.

A sleepy dog is a happy dog.



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