Weekly Eats & Grocery Budget

Another week and another weekly grocery trip. I’ve noticed a significant shift in the items I’ve been buying lately. More meat, dairy, produce and far less processed foods. In fact I went digging for a photo of a grocery trip from over a year ago and you can see how awful it was.

October 2010

(I have no idea how much this cost. I don’t even remember why I was taking pictures of my grocery haul at that time)

I see lots of processed foods, in fact, I stared at this picture for a long time before I saw 2 bags of spinach in the back and of course the cantaloupe up front. Other than that I don’t see any other produce. I see cookies, pretzels, chips, bleach (?), brownies, biscuits…clearly lots of trigger food.

March 14, 2012

It’s a huge sigh of relief to see this past weeks haul in comparison. Spinach, carrots, yellow squash, butternut squash, eggs, soy milk, simple meats and cheese, etc. Such a dramatic difference.

Groceries 3/2/12

The total for all this came to $40.89. Not bad at all especially since meat/dairy are typically difficult to find coupons for. I did have $1 off coupons for each container of Silk and I found some great clearance deals at Fresh & Easy. 

Vons: $12.97

Hormel Pork Loin (2)
Eggs (18ct)
Honey Nut Cherrios (2 boxes)

Ralphs: $3.98

Silk Soy Chocolate
Silk Soy Vanilla Light

Albertsons: $2.99

Carrots (5lb) DOG TREATS

Fresh & Easy: $20.95

Seasons Stuffing Mix (1 box)
Arborio Rice (1lb)
Ground Turkey (1lb)
Sliced Swiss Cheese (1)
Sliced White Cheddar Cheese (1)
Spinach (1 bag)
Yellow Squash (2Ct)
Dinner Rolls (8ct)
Whole Mushrooms (2 containers)
Butternut Squash (1lb)
Herbed Goat Cheese (1)


…and a few foodie photos of meals that I ate last week. There were several new recipes this week and the broiled cheesy yellow squash was delicious. It was very easy and a great side dish.


Baked Egg in a Dinner Roll w/ Avocado & POM

Baked Eggs w/ Avocado & POM

Ham & Swiss Biscuit Sandwich

with Herbed Goat Cheese  & Honey

Ham & Swiss Biscuit

Baked Potato with Broccoli & White Cheddar

Broccoli Cheddar Potato

Turkey Burger & Broiled Cheesy Squash

Turkey Burger & Broiled Squash

Stuffing Topped Chicken with Swiss Cheese & Corn

Pure comfort food.

Stuffing Topped Chicken & Corn


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