Eco Challenge – Displacing Water

Here’s something I didn’t think I’d say during an Eco Challenge…I NEED some plastic water bottles. But that is exactly what I told my mom a week ago. More specifically, I needed 8 of them. Bless her heart she never says I’m weird when I ask her to save me some of her trash (like when I asked her to save toilet paper rolls and soup cans).

You see, I stopped buying plastic water bottles a long time ago, I prefer reusable bottles. However, I needed them for today’s eco project. The goal was to use the bottles to displace some water in each toilet reducing the amount of water filling the tank, and thus, reducing the amount of water used in each flush. It’s another little change, but they all add up.

Water Bottles

So I filled each of the 8 bottles with tap water, ensuring that the caps were tightly closed. Each toilet easily fit two water bottles, any more and it would have restricted the functionality. Just flush, and before the water refills the tank, add the bottles. In a matter of minutes I had placed all the bottles and each toilet now flushes using slightly less water.

Displacing Water

Easy fix and free! Thanks Mom!


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