Eco Challenge – Reuse Newspaper

I recently found a great deal on the Sunday paper ($10 for the year!) so I have it delivered to my home each week. This is my primary way to get a hold of coupons so it’s worth the $.20 per week. Just one coupon makes up for the cost of the paper. I’ve always recycled the paper at the end of the day, but I often wonder what else I could do to use the paper. These are 2 of my favorite ways to use it around the house.


Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean glass.

It seems completely wrong to clean a window/mirror using newspaper, but it works. It leaves your fingers a mess, but the mirror will be spotless.

 Newspaper for Paper Towels

Turn your paper into seedling pots.

Newspaper Seedlings

First up, cut your newspaper into strips, about 3.5” by 10”.

Newspaper Strips

Using a PotMaker, wrap the paper around the press.

Creating Newspaper Pots

Creating Newspaper Pots

Place the press into the base and spin. It helps if you bend the bottom in before pressing into the base, fold it like the you would wrap the end of a box with gift wrap. The base will do the rest of the work.

Creating Newspaper Pots

Creating Newspaper Pots

Remove from the press and admire your little newspaper pot.

Creating Newspaper Pots

I use a baking pan that I picked up on clearance at HomeGoods to hold all the pots. It makes it easy to keep them all in one place, they are easy to move around, and I don’t have to worry about making a mess when I water them. I use a spray bottle to water the plants as I don’t need a lot of water to keep them alive. 

Creating Newspaper Pots

Creating Newspaper Pots

Fill with dirt and seeds. A few weeks later you’ll have little seedlings and you can then transplant the entire newspaper pot into your garden.

Newspaper Seedlings

Newspaper Seedlings


4 responses

  1. I really liked this blog! I’m experimenting with several different methods of starting seeds, which will all be done tomorrow. I’m really excited to see how my seeds started in newspaper turn out.

  2. I rolled some paper pots too and have marjoram and basil sprouting this week. I plan to roll some more and start some zinnias and marigolds, Love this idea for using up some of those newspapers! It works really well. Enjoying your going green ideas this March.

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