DIY: Chalkboard Mug

When I created the Chalkboard Thermostat Frame I had to purchase a quart of chalkboard paint since I wasn’t able to locate the spray version. Since then, I’ve been imagining everything doused in chalkboard paint. This project didn’t take much so I still have an entire can and I’m tempted to do something big with it. Maybe a chalkboard wall? But where…hmmm…

This time I took a classic white porcelain mug gave it a little facelift. I’m so pleased with how they turned out I might just make a few more.Chalkboard Mug

I found some big, heavy mugs for about $4 each at Homegoods. I wanted something that was heavy since I plan to use these to hold art supplies on my desk, not delicate cups of tea.

Chalkboard Mug

Something to keep in mind: These will not be microwave or dishwasher safe since the paint will not be baked on. They do make a porcelain chalkboard paint which you can bake in the oven and I would recommend that route if you want this to hold up to heavy use. Using traditional chalkboard paint on a porcelain object means it will easily scratch/chip. This was okay for me since I knew that in advance.

After washing the mug I taped off the top with painters tape. Since the mug is curved I couldn’t wrap the tape in a single piece, it would bubble. So I used this technique and used small pieces to get a flat edge. Before placing the tape, I measured out a straight line using a fabric tape measure and a sharpie (see the dots!).

Chalkboard Mug

Next I applied several very thin coats of paint and let them dry completely.

Chalkboard Mug

After it was fully dry I rubbed chalk all over in order to treat the surface. Again, I don’t plan on washing this regularly so I took this extra step. Just rub all over with the side of a piece of chalk then wipe away with a clean rag.

Chalkboard Mug


Chalkboard Mug

Project Cost Breakdown (per mug):

Mug (HomeGoods) = $4

Tape/Sharpie/Fabric Tape Measure/Paint Brush (Already Owned) = $0

Chalkboard Paint/Chalk (Already Owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $4

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