Garage Progress – Round 2

It’s been almost 2 months since my last Garage update and things are going well. Finally it’s starting to feel like a functional space and the most exciting part is that the cost me far less than I ever expected. In fact, it’s been a busy workshop lately between the workbench install, building the potting bench, and some other crafts.

To scare you refresh your memory, here’s a little look back at the before.

Garage - Before

Messy, Messy, Messy.

There was no organization and I rarely spent any time in the space.

Garage - Before

Garage - Before

Two months ago I showed you the new storage rack I bought from Costco. It was inexpensive, study and larger than the wire storage rack I already in the garage. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality, I purchased another one to use as a Workbench. The original plan was to purchase a big wood topped workbench which would have cost around $300. Instead I assembled the shelving unit as a workbench (it’s designed to be either) for only $64.

For less than a quarter of the budgeted cost, it’s perfect.

Garage - Progress

I now have space for wood scraps, tools, paint, gardening supplies and everything has a home. Meaning it actually looks clean most of the time.

Garage - Progress

I still have plans to install shelving above the workbench for additional storage and perhaps some pegboard on another wall for even more storage.

Garage - Progress

It feels like a legit workshop now, instead of a messy garage. I even find myself down here more often on weekends coming up with new projects.

Garage - Progress

What projects have you been working on?


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