New Roommates

Guess who I have staying with me for the next week?

These two cuties! Yes, he does sit on his sister from time to time…she loves him anyway. Although I’m pretty sure her eyes are screaming ‘Help ME!’ in this picture.

Beagle Roommates

These are my parents pups and they’ll be staying with me while the parentals are off enjoying the paradise that is Maui. I’m jealous. So needless to say, I have my hands full with 3 dogs, work, and starting school. I wasn’t expecting to take a break from blogging over the past few days, but life (as it often does) just got in the way. In an effort to regain my sanity, I’ve taken Thursday/Friday off from work this week so I plan on catching up a bit over the next few days.

I owe quite a few people email responses as well as comment responses, I promise those will be coming over the next few days as well!


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