DIY: Hand Painted Welcome Sign

Good Morning, Happy Wednesday! I’m officially counting down to a very exciting weekend, so I’m happy we’ve finally hit midweek.

Since it’s May, I suppose it’s time to finally take down the Valentine theme door decorations. The cork heart was lovely, but I think it’s time for something a little less seasonal. I did do a little window shopping and couldn’t find any premade signs that I liked so I decided to make my own with a a piece of scrap wood and some paint. 

DIY Welcome Sign_1

I used a piece of scrap wood from the potting bench project, and painted it the same color used on the bench. It was a great neutral brown/grey that would compliment the post at the front door. Once it was dry, I used the interior circle of a canning jar lid, and a pencil, to draw a pattern onto the painted wood. The design looks complex; however, it’s really just two layers of side by side circles.

DIY Welcome Sign_7

DIY Welcome Sign_6

I wanted the pattern to blend into the background, so I used the same base color and lightened it with a little white paint. Then I used a small brush and painted over the pencil lines.

DIY Welcome Sign_5

I free hand painted the word ‘Welcome’ then used a few stamps to add a bit more texture. Using a VERY light touch, I stamped a few designs onto the board using black ink. This worked as a template, and I then used a dotting tool and some aqua paint to cover the stamped designs.

DIY Welcome Sign_4

A few screw eyes and some yarn made a perfect hanger.

DIY Welcome Sign_2

The wording is a little shaky, but I really love the how the sign turned out. It’s a good blend of neutral and fun, definitely something I could leave up through Spring and Summer. If you happen to have one of those fancy Silhouette cutting tools, then you could use it to create some amazing vinyl lettering.

DIY Welcome Sign_3

Since I owned the wood and paint, this project ended up being FREE. I knew there was another reason why I loved it.


8 responses

  1. The painting tip with the jar lid for overlapping circles is WONDERFUL! Our readers will love this. Well done, your sign looks beautiful.

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