So…today was my 30th birthday. HOLY CRAP I’m 30!

Birthday Cake

I did a some shopping with my mom today at some of my favorite San Diego shopping centers and picked up a few treats to celebrate. Good times.

Yes…those are in fact giant safety pins that I got on clearance from Anthropologie. They make me ridiculously happy. No, I can’t explain why. I’m just weird like that.


I’ll be back later this week with my thoughts on turning 30.


Hope you all had an AMAZING weekend!


3 responses

    • Thank you!! 🙂 How fun, are you planning anything big to celebrate? I kept it very low key this year, but I’m thinking of planning something bigger next year. I’m considering doing a 30 in 30 since I didn’t do a 30 before 30 list, and it could be fun to celebrate big on 31 after making it through the list.

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