Motivation – Nike+ Fuel Band

A few weeks back I took advantage of a restocking of Nike+ Fuel Bands online, and purchased one as soon as they went live. I had watched them sell out in minutes at previous launches and didn’t want to take the chance of missing out again. This particular band appealed to me primarily because it was a one time cost. As much as I love my BodyBugg, I wasn’t thrilled with their food logging system, and I had to pay a monthly fee. The Nike Fuel Band gives me similar data, without the monthly fee, and it’s also not quite as…let’s face it…ugly. It looks like a bracelet and blends in with my other jewelry so I can wear it with any outfit.  For food logging, I prefer My Fitness Pal which is free and has a comprehensive food database (and bar code scanner on the phone app).

So, a few days later I had the pretty little band  at my door and ready to go.


The first few days I went about my normal business so I could get a baseline for my day. Since I have a desk job, I wasn’t surprised at the low numbers. I set my goal to hit 3000 Nike Fuel ‘point’s’, and on an average work day I was barely closing on 2000. Now that I have the reminder on my wrist, I can check on my ‘points’ (or whatever you want to call them) throughout the day and it’s a gentle reminder to get up and move around. With the band I find myself going the extra mile to move a little more throughout the day and that makes it worth every penny. I now find myself pacing during conference calls instead of sitting, I’m working out in the morning now to get a jump on the day, and if I’m running low at the end of the day I’ll jump around or dance in the living room for a bit. Those are things I wasn’t even considering before.

Here is why it’s working for me:

  • It’s not a diet tool, it feel more like a LIFE tool. Similar to how some people use a pedometer, I use this to motivate myself to move more.
  • It looks nice so I don’t mind wearing it all day, even when I dress up a little. In all honestly I stopped wearing my BodyBugg simply because I got tired of it showing under clothes. I have a few loose bracelets that fit right over the band and would barely know I have it on.
  • It tells time in addition to Fuel, Steps, and Calories so I don’t actually have to wear a watch anymore
  • Charges quickly using my computer, no batteries to change, and the charge lasts for days
  • Since I have a goal of 3000 ‘points’ per day, I find myself trying to hit goals throughout the day. I now workout in the morning so I try to hit 1000 before work, 2000 before close of business, and 3000 by bedtime. If I’m running behind during the workday, I might jump on the stationary bike in my office or jog up and down the stairs for a few minutes to both get away from my desk and move my body.

I’m not saying that anyone else should use this, or that it would work for you, but it’s a tool that is helping me get back on track.


*This is not a paid review, aside from once responding to a tweet, Nike doesn’t know I’m alive. I purchased the Fuel band with my own hard earned money and felt like sharing since it’s a tool that has been beneficial to me.


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