CSA Box #4

I have had such a great start to the weekend that I really don’t want it to end. I’ve crossed some major items off the to do list, such as repair window screens, take a load of old furniture to the dump, fixed my garage door opener, ran errands (i.e. grocery shopping), brought in the bookcases for the foyer remodel (more on this later), and enjoyed a wonderful meal with my mom for Mother’s Day. Lots of Fun!

I also stopped past my local Farmer’s Market to pick up my CSA Box.

This week brings some great ‘new to me’ goodies, such as braising mix lettuce and parsnips. Every week they offer to let me swap out anything I don’t want in the box, but I so far have refused to do so. It’s been so fun to get a mystery box and try all these new veggies. I hear roasting is the way to go with Parsnips, but I’ve also heard of mashed parsnips so I may try that as well. I also got a huge bunch of cilantro, red carrots, avocados, and grapefruit.

CSA Box 4_2

Various types of lettuce, including spinach and Chard, which I expect to use in a sausage soup this week.

CSA Box 4_5

Amazing Strawberries! I can’t stop snacking on them so I’ll be shocked if they last until Monday.

CSA Box 4_4

Lots of great stuff this week and I also found a way to keep the fresh food lasting longer, since I only pick up my CSA every other week. I’ll share more about this soon. I tested the method out with my last box and was able to keep some of the lettuce fresh for the entire 2 weeks. AWESOME!


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  1. I love roasted parsnips but I do sometimes mash them with potatoes or bake them with kumquats. We don’t get them in the spring so they’re a very winter veg for us.

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