Eco Inspiration– Reusing a Light bulb

This will be the first Eco post that I have not done myself. Part of me is disappointed, but since I’ve transitioned most of my light bulbs to CFLs, I can’t do this until the last few standard bulbs burn out. However, I found them unique enough that I wanted to share them with you.


Aside from the below, I found a few other ideas out there, but couldn’t verify the sources so I didn’t include them. In particular how to turn a light bulb into a oil lantern and I saw several pictures of people who connect wire to the top and hung them from a tree. I really liked the idea of hanging them, since you could fill them with anything (i.e. ribbon, glitter, confetti, crumbled up colored cellophane…even crumbled newsprint/books pages could look very cool.)


Here is a good resource on how to hollow out the light bulb.

DIY: Hollow Out A Light Bulb via TeamDroid

Lightbulb project

…and some of my favorite uses for the leftover bulb…


The use of frame bumpers to create feet for the bulb is genius and so simple.

Pinned Image

Via the Hipster Home


Lovely Valentine idea.

Via Design Sponge

Bud Vase


By Ready Made via Apartment Therapy


This one isn’t a light bulb, it was made out of an ornament, but the idea could potentially work using the bulb.  The concept is too pretty not to include.

Pinned Image

Via Wednesday Custom Design


Love this one so much! I have two standard bulbs left in my house and one of them is turning into a bud vase like theirs. So beautiful.

Pinned Image




Have you reused a light bulb? If so, how?

6 responses

  1. Such cute ideas Addison!I have been looking at a lot of DIY blogs because I just bought my first house and have soooo many things I want to do to put my own personal stamp on it, ya know? Anyway, I have to say I have been reading, and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!!!



  2. Great and interesting! One year my sister made two Christmas tree ornaments from lightbulbs. One she pasted eyes, mouth, and a top hat, which covers the stem part. and made a snow man like ornament. The other she filled the bulb with the same, eyes, carrot nose, charcoal buttons (mini) and fake snow and put it all into the bulb, tied a string on it and wa la. She called them California Snowmen of course the only snowmen in California would be melted ones.

    Fun Post

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