Introducing the Foyer – Before

Before I had moved into my home, I had decided the purpose of every single room. I knew which one would be an office, which would work as a spare bedroom, I even decided to use some space to set up a workout room. However, I have one odd space that had no real purpose. at that point, it was simple a walk through to the backyard. 


I don’t use this space other than to let the dog in and out. Filling it with furniture would block the backyard doors, although I suppose it was probably setup in the model home as a ‘formal’ living room. I just have no use for a fancy living room, so I filled it with extras. When I replaced the couch in the family room, the old couch moved to the Foyer. I had a few screens that also didn’t have a home yet, so they ended up in the Foyer. As did an IKEA chair and a plant.


It was nice, but not very functional. I rarely ever sat in the couch or chair and family/friends never congregated in this space. We’d either be in the family room upstairs or outside.


To breathe some life into the space, I first tackled the French Doors and removed the blinds, painted the doors and installed privacy films. Just the simple change added so much to the room and let in so much light. Now, I’m on to the rest of the room.


This week we took the couch to the dump as it was so old it wasn’t salvageable for anyone else. Now I have a wide open wall where I can build my new Foyer which will double as a Library! I already have the bookcases that will be going in the space, they will be installed on both the right and left side of the wall.  I just need to paint two of them, and the wall needs a new color. I will also be adding some seating between the bookcases and some more storage above the seating.

A little inspiration…

Pinned Image


Pinned Image




The inspiration is a little random, but I can see the finished room in my head and it will all blend together perfectly (I hope).


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