DIY – Easy Potting Bench Organization

I’m all about easy updates. I always want to be making some type of progress on the house, but I am one person and last I checked I don’t have any clones wandering around. So sometimes all I have time to do is add some hooks to a bench. Such a little thing can bring me such joy. One more thing crossed off the endless to do list. 

The potting bench I built in March is holding up well to the elements, but it needed a little organization. As an easy, and inexpensive fix, I picked up a few small hooks from Lowes for about $2 each. I ended up using 4, so this project cost under $10.

Potting Bench Hooks_1

Oh man…so much better!

Potting Bench Hooks_2

To hold a towel, I’m thinking of adding a small towel rack to the other side, and maybe another hook or two. Otherwise, I’m closing the door on this project for now…DONE!


Short and Sweet…just like I like my Thursdays! How’s your week going?


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