2012 Race Calendar

Lately I’ve been getting back into the running groove. Actually I should call it the fast walking/jogging as I work my way back to running. I’ve been using the C25K program to transition from walking into jogging and it’s going well. I’m repeating week 4 right now since I just wasn’t feeling it last week, but in combination with walking, I’m going about 15 miles a week, up from…well…0 a few weeks ago.

However, unlike every other time I’ve been on a running kick in the past, this time I’m not alone. If you remember this post, my mom and I lucked out with the lottery and won spots into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon this year. This will be my 2nd Half Marathon and my mom’s first. I’m so excited to do the race with her and have a fun girl’s weekend in San Francisco. I also have one other friend who has been bitten by the running bug lately so we’re planning to do a few races together in the future.

Oh, yeah, and I set a goal to run 3 half marathons by May…so there’s that too.


Here are the races on my calendar for this year.


American’s Finest City, 5K – San Diego

August 19th, 2012

I haven’t participated in this race before, but I’ve heard good things about it. I’m also excited to turn it into a little mini vacation as I’m booking a room at a hotel that provides shuttle service directly to the race which means less headache for me that day. There is no way I’m driving a few hours to a race at that early in the morning. The cost of the hotel is well worth the good nights sleep. 


Nike Women’s Half Marathon – San Francisco

October 14, 2012

I ran this Half in 2009 and loved the experience. The race does have some faults; the website is awful and often missing critical info, the expo is a little lacking, and the first mile is tough because there are a lot of walkers who forget to stay to the side and often stop to take pictures. However, once you get past the first mile, the crowd thins out and I never had a problem navigating around people. The views were amazing, the weather was perfect, and I had a lot of fun.


Iron Girl 10K – Del Mar, San Diego, CA

November 11, 2012

I was suppose to run this one last year, I even registered, but it didn’t happen. I ended up doing a 10K, just not at the race. Last year my mistake was a poor training plan, I just wasn’t ready, so this year I’m being much more diligent to sticking to a plan. It’s also a month after the Half Marathon so the HM training should give me a good prep for the 10K.


As for the 30 in 30 list, this plan will cross off 1 of the Half Marathons, and I’ve already signed up for another one in 2013 (Rock & Roll, AZ), but I don’t expect to post about the 2013 races for a while. This will also achieve 2 other goals on my 30 in 30 list, Travel to San Francisco and Run a 5k or 10K with a friend (I’ll actually be doing both!).


What races are you planning to do this year?


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