Half Marathon Training

Here we are. It’s 12 weeks from Half Marathon day so it’s time to step up training and get serious. In order to build my endurance, I’ve been working through the C25K plan which did it’s job. I went from walking to jogging. It also taught me that I’m a jog/walk split type of person right now. I’d love to jog for an hour straight, but I find that I am stronger if I take periodic walking breaks.

Everyone is different.

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Since it’s worked well for me in the past, I decided to use Hal Higdon’s training plan. I’m using the Novice 2 plan since I haven’t trained for a Half in a while, but I have a decent base to build from. Nice thing is, it’s free! I’ll likely change things up now and then, so I wasn’t keen on paying for a training plan that I might change as I progress. Here’s a link to the specific plan I’m using since I know most will not be able to make out the details on the screenshot below.

Novice 2




For the runners out there, what are your favorite training program? I’ve used Runner’s World Smart Coach in the past and was impressed, but decided against it this time since I don’t really have an official time to build from. After the half in October, I move very quickly into training for a Half Marathon in January, so I may consider using Smart Coach to train for that race.


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