CSA Box Pickup

I have sadly skipped a few weeks of CSA posts; usually because my camera never seemed to be handy when I was shoving things in the fridge putting things away. This week I made sure to have my camera nearby…and charged…since I knew there was something special in the delivery.


Now is probably the best time to mention that I’ve made a difficult decision to suspend my CSA pickup for a short while. While I’m trying to actively lose weight, I’m sticking to certain foods which don’t always fall in line with what I get in the box. If I had a little more time to try new recipes more often, it wouldn’t be an issue. All the CSA goodies are incredibly healthy and delicious, but I find myself not eating them fast enough lately to justify the cost. My hope to to take a short break and pick back up with the box in a few months. So, this will likely be the last CSA pick up for a while. However, I do plan to continue using my farmer market to purchase healthy food. I’m sold on the fact that the fruits/veggies coming from my local Farmer’s Market is far superior to my big box grocery store so I plan to continue using them as a resource.


This week was full of great stuff like tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, chard, basil…

CSA Box_1

and green beans.

CSA Box_2

Wait, what’s that you see?

Hello Lovely Watermelon!

CSA Box_3

That sucker was HEAVY, probably a good 5-7 lbs. Turns out it was also a little different than the classic watermelon.


Yellow Watermelon

I had never seen a yellow watermelon, but it had the same great watermelon taste, just a little milder.

Yellow Watermelon

It was a big haul this week. However, here lies the problem. I had to pick up this CSA box, throw it in the fridge and then run to my parents house for a birthday celebration. The next morning I pulled out the lettuce to package it up properly so it would last the week and it was ALL wilted already. I had to throw out 2 heads of lettuce, a bunch of chard, and basil. Half my box was in the trash within 24 hours. Bummer.

CSA Box_5

CSA Box_6

Aside from the fruits and veggies, I will miss the handmade bouquets they create for me to accompany my pickup. There is a part of me that feels so special when they start building the bouquet when they see me.

CSA Box_4

Although, Trader Joe’s has some amazing flowers too…so all is not lost.

Trader Joes Flowers Mums_2

Seriously beautiful mums from TJs this past weekend. 

Trader Joes Flowers Mums_1


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