How to Use Art as a Headboard [Spare Bedroom Update]

Who’s ready for a  Spare Bedroom update?[FINALLY, right?]

Last time I shared this room, I had installed the moulding and it had been painted. I’m still deciding on the upper wall color so in the meantime I turned my focus to the headboard and bedding.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Before_1

To save money on the redesign, I decided to use a piece of art as the headboard. I bought this geometric panel years ago at Pier One for about $70. Since moving into the house, it hasn’t had a home and has been sitting behind a chair on the first floor.

My apologies in advance for some of the color differences in the pictures. Some were taken with daylight, and the others were taken at night during installation.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_4

The panel is beautiful so I wanted to use it in a fun way somewhere in the house; as a headboard seemed like the perfect choice. In my last place, it was hanging on the wall so hanging wire had already been installed. However, in time, the wire had loosened and I ended up with a little problem after setting up the hardware.

Hmmm…this was not going to work.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_3

So I ran past the store and picked up some D rings instead. For something this heavy, D-rings are recommended anyway so this solved a few problems and ensures that the headboard is completely stable.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_7

Problem #2 – How do you remove these blasted hooks without damaging the wall? If there installed correctly, you shouldn’t be able to just pull them from the wall. There also isn’t an easy way to get the claw end of a hammer under the hook without damaging the wall or moulding. The bargain hunter in me also wanted to save the hook for future use.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_2

Enter my trusty little screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver into the space near the nail.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_5

Now you have a spot to sue the claw of the hammer to gently loosen the nail from the wall.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_6

Now that the nail is lifted up by the screwdriver/hammer method, you should be able to gently pull it from the wall with minimal damage to the both the wall and hanging hardware.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_8

Then hang it using the new D-Ring hardware.

Whew! That’s better.

Spare Bedroom Headboard_3

I’ll share more about ht bedding later as the colors are still being finalized. Right now it’s white & grey with a softly patterned sheet. The orange and green pillows will likely move to another room, but I LOVE the headboard. I hadn’t originally planned on a black headboard, but for now, it’s perfect and looks great with the white walls and new moulding.

Spare Bedroom Headboard_1


It’s just another reason to think outside the box…errr…headboard. Any type of art has the potential of creating an amazing ambiance. Just a few tips when using art has a headboard:

    • Raise the art slightly higher than a traditional headboard would hang, for several reasons.
      • Oil from the hair and or skin has a tendency to discolor fabric headboards which could also happen if you use a fabric or canvas based art.
      • If using framed art with glass, make sure it’s high enough that you won’t be leaning against it while reading in bed, or in a  spot that could be easily hit.
    • And in ALL cases, be sure it’s secured safely and strongly to the wall. The last thing you want is to be woken up by a falling headboard. Ouch!


Some inspiration:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


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