A Few Of My Favorite Things This Weekend

I’ve been staring at the screen all day trying to put this past weekend into words. However, my brain stopped working when I was forced into an early morning work call today, so nothing witty is coming to mind. So I’ll simply say that I LOVED this past weekend.

We’ll just zoom past work on Friday, because that is most certainly not awesome…but the project I worked on that night was incredibly awesome. I finally got around to cutting the mats for some art I bought a while back. I’ll do a separate post on these, but all three pieces are different and BEAUTIFUL. I went with a neutral dark grey mat to set off the colors. I can’t wait to show you the finished art wall. 

Thank you little puppy for the photo-bomb. I swear, that camera comes out and he just parks his butt right in frame.

Saturday involved a trip down to San Diego to pick up my 5K bib and drinks at a Mexican Restaurant. That Strawberry Margarita was delicious, as were the 3 bowls of chips we ate…ahem…before dinner. Carb loading at it’s finest.

Even though I had my phone in my hand for the entire 5K, I took a grand total of 0 pictures. I was too busy talking to my friend who did the 5K with me. For those keeping tally, that means I get to cross something off the 30 in 30 list. I’ve officially finished a 5K with a friend! Although I was a little bummed that we didn’t get medals, but I suppose the chocolate milk and coconut water was an acceptable replacement.

The rest of my Sunday was spent chatting with my friend and shopping with my mom. By the way, GAP has some really cute workout gear right now (and it’s 30% off online through 8/21/2012).

I picked up this top in pink, but hurry since it looks like they are selling out fast online.


I also picked up a Zoku Quick Pop Maker and Zoku Tool set . Both were on super clearance at JC Penny’s, and by super clearance I mean 50% off.



I spent the night at my parents house this weekend since it was closer to the 5K, and they could look after my dog while I was gone. Aside from getting to see them, there was the added bonus that they have air conditioning since mine is broken (in both my house and car). My puppy thoroughly enjoyed the visit, probably because he didn’t have to sit in front of a fan with a frozen towel on his head like he does at my house.

Today it’s back to the daily grind, but I’m on countdown. Four more days until I get a week off of work! It worked out for me to finally take a vacation. It’s great timing since I haven’t had one for about 9 months and I’m completely burned out. I can’t wait to sleep in and turn off the work phone.


What did you do this weekend?



*Zoku links are affiliates.


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