Life Lesson – The Best Job Interview Advice

Technically I haven’t job hunted since 2005, but I’ve still gone through several ‘interviews’ in that time. That includes the time my Director set up a call to introduce himself (since he was new to the team) and ended up putting me through an ‘informal’ interview, which felt very much like a ridiculously formal interview on the fly. Not a fun moment.


Since graduating college, I would say I’ve probably been on dozens of interviews. It took me a year to snag the job I have at my current company, and that year was rough. I freaked out before every single interview, and let the nerves eat away at me.

Before one particular grueling interview (panel style with several people from their company asking me questions), I couldn’t eat and was pacing in my room. There’s a good chance I was talking to myself and looking generally off my rocker when someone stopped by and offered me with the best job interview advice I’ve ever heard.

I told them how nervous I was even though I was prepared. I just wanted the company to like me and didn’t want to screw it up.

Her response…


The Best Job Interview Advice


That advice changed my life for so many reasons and I went into that interview calm and relaxed. I honestly can’t recall what job it was for, but it didn’t matter. Every time I have an interview, I go into the conversation looking for them to impress me. It isn’t just about them hiring an employee. I’m a good catch for an employer, and while I might just be another name on their list, I deserve to be impressed. Do your research before each interview, see if it’s the type of place where you want to spend your time and energy. By doing your research (which you are doing, right?), you’ll end up feeling more confident and ready to ask intelligent questions that will help you identify if the company is a good fit for you.

So next time you go into an interview, don’t waste your precious energy being nervous. It’s just a conversation about whether this company/job is a good fit for both of you. If they don’t impress you…you can just tell them ‘no’.


That stroke of genius came from my brilliant mother.

Thank you mom!


What’s the best advice you ever received?


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