Recipes Gone Wrong

Sometimes a picture is only telling you a half truth. For fun, here are two recent meals/recipes I made for the blog, that didn’t quite make the cut. I like you guys too much to have you eat the first one.

I made this pasta about a week ago. It was a mix of whole wheat pasta with a Greek yogurt based avocado and cilantro lime dressing/sauce.

Avocado Cilantro Pasta_2

Looks delicious and I had high hopes since it seemed the perfect cool pasta salad on a hot day. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad. Bland, blah, and I ended up only eating a few bites.

The delicious looking picture is mighty deceiving. I don’t know how the ‘healthy living’ bloggers do it, posting their food each day. It took a ridiculous amount of time to make this pasta and take pretty pictures. I’d eat my own arm before being able to post every meal. Kudos to those blogger for making it look easy.

Avocado Cilantro Pasta_1

More recently I’ve been playing around with various ways to use fruit butters. My favorite so far has delivered a really good cookie, but it didn’t look so hot. I wish I would taken a picture of what it looked like straight from the oven, but instead I was playing with my camera and the picture itself doesn’t look too bad. Friendly blogger tip: when faced with a bad cookie, tilt it and find decent lighting.

Caramel Apple Butter Cookie_1

I basically wrapped sugar cookie dough around a bit of apple butter and half a caramel. Concept was to create a caramel apple butter stuffed sugar cookie. It worked, but the center of the cookie fell a lot after removing from the oven due to the melted caramel and apple butter.The finished cookie was delicious, just not very pretty.

Caramel Apple Butter Cookie_3

I also tried making a sugar cookie ‘cup’ to fill with the apple butter and caramel, but I…umm…burned the cookie dough while trying to make the cup form so that recipe will have to wait for another day.

In the end…why mess with perfection, just a dollop of apple butter on a plain sugar cookie is the way to go. It’s a match made in heaven…trust me. I ate WAY too many, ya know, making sure they were good enough for the blog. Yeah, that’s why.

 Caramel Apple Butter Cookie_4

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