Etsy Finds Friday – Rugged

I’m running so late today that my Etsy Find Friday is going to show up on Saturday, sorry about that. I’m actually on my way up to San Francisco this weekend to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with my mom so Friday was a lot of packing, running errands, cleaning, and a last minute foodie photo shoot for the eBook. I’m ridiculously excited about our girls weekend, and half marathon, that I can’t stand it. Lots of fun! I’ll have some posts up during the weekend about our trip, and my Mom’s first half marathon. She’s already a total ROCKSTAR in my book, but I can’t wait to cross that finish line on Sunday with her.

This weeks favorite things were feeling a little rustic and rugged. I was going to create a favorite finds list for men, but aside from the first shop, these aren’t actually targeted toward men. However, they all have that rugged/rustic style that I like in my men (weird transition…let’s move on, shall we?). As usual, these shop owners do not know me and have not paid for this feature. I just have a love for small business and want to share some of the awesome shops I find while shopping for myself.


Sam’s Naturals

I was initially drawn to this shop by their graphic labeling and candle packaging. Then I saw a listing for Pumpkin Castille soap. I know this company is targeted toward men, but I want Pumpkin castile soap too! Or the Autumn scented candle…or the Aloe Deodorant. I mean, not all ladies want their armpits to smell like a ‘spring shower’, am I right? I’m impressed by their selection and am considering one of their gift sets for me someone special on my Christmas list this year.

Pumpkin Castile Liquid Soap Castille Liquid Hand Soap Vegan and Gentle

Aloe Natural Deodorant for Men Gifts for Men Made in America Mens Vegan Deodorant Natural Ingredient Deodorant Stick for a Man Autumn Ironwood Soy Candle in Jelly Jar - AUTUMN Scent - Housewarming Gift, Soy, Candle


Urban Wood Goods

LOVE this style in this shop, seriously smitten. They create industrial modern furniture using reclaimed wood and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m seriously enamored with the wine bar and the fact that they use ‘old wood’ which is 100-200 years old. Each piece looks like it has a story which is exactly the the style I adore. Industrial Reclaimed Wine Bar and Rack (150 year plus "old growth" wood) free shipping 48"  l x 11.5" w x 35" tall

Industrial Reclaimed wood media/tv stand (150 year plus "old growth" wood)  48"  l x 14" deep  w x 20" tall Reclaimed Wood and steel industrial shop Stool. made in chicago 25" counter height


Copper River Bag Co

I found something unique when I stumbled across Copper River Bags, and it wasn’t just that they sell attractive handcrafted leather camera bags. They have a 100 year warranty. Yes, you read that write. They promote the high quality of their bags by offering a 100 year warranty. I’m fairly certain I won’t live another 100 years, so I picture these rugged leather bags being lovingly passed down in a family. Stock isn’t limited to camera bags, they also have impressive messenger bags and other handcrafted goods.

Safari Camera Bag - Black - Thick Full Grain Leather - Padded Camera Insert Divider - Padded Bottom - Made in the U.S.A. - Water Resistant

 Camera Safari Bag - Serengeti - Full Grain Leather - Medium Padded Camera Insert - Hand Crafted - Made in the U.S.A. - Water Resistant 14" Manhattan Camera Bag - Desert Sand -Full Grain Leather - Large Padded Camera Insert Divider with Padded Bottom - Made in the U.S.A.

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