Eco Challenge – Humane Mouse Trap

*What was meant as a March monthly challenge, has continued throughout the year, and every so often I’ll keep popping in with these Eco Challenge posts.

About a week ago I found evidence that I had a mouse in my pantry. I’m still not sure how he got inside since it’s on the second floor, but I suppose my dog is not really an efficient mouse trap. I’m fairly certain that he’d be up on that chair with me, screaming like a little girl.

Once I manned up, I realized I need to get the mouse out. Particularly because it was spending an obscene amount of time each night ruining the potatoes that were suppose to be my lunch.

I couldn’t stand the thought of using a standard snap trap or sticky traps. I also wasn’t a fan of the poison traps, I really didn’t want to hurt the little guy. So after doing a little research, I found the Smart Mouse Trap – Humane Mousetrap on Amazon. It had great reviews and seemed easy to use. (They didn’t comp me this product, I paid for it out of pocket. They have no idea who I am).

It’s a small green plastic house that uses simple mechanics to trap the mouse without harming it. Of course you need to check the trap often so the mouse doesn’t starve or dehydrate to death, but otherwise it will be safe and alive.

To set the trap, you put some peanut butter on a saltine and place it in a slot on the left hand side of the trap. The mouse walks into the house from the right, to get the PB Saltine, and trips the trap which closes the door behind it.

Humane Mouse Trap_2

 Humane Mouse Trap_3

 Humane Mouse Trap_4

I set mine in the afternoon, and by the next day, I had caught the tiny little field mouse. I’ve had several hamsters as pets in the past, so mice don’t really freak me out; and while I certainly had no intention of playing with it, I refused to kill it. This option felt kinder than others, and while the little guy was rightfully very scared, he was not harmed at all.

Humane Mouse Trap_1

I was able to take the trap outside in a grassy area away from the house, and let him go. I removed the side wall, revealing the saltine to the mouse. Once the mouse eats through the cracker he is free! It’s built in this manner to keep fingers away from the mouse so it doesn’t bite you, thus making it easier to release it safely.

Now…here’s hoping he doesn’t come back for the free potatoes and PB Saltines!


*This post does contain affiliate links.


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