Let’s Catch Up

Greeting from 39,000 feet, somewhere above Arizona! I’m currently flying from San Diego to DC to spend a week with family. This is my first time visiting their place since they moved cross country about 2 years ago, so I’m ridiculously excited. I didn’t even mind the crazy 3:45am wake up call this morning to catch my early morning flight. I scored super cheap roundtrip tickets through Southwest recently and the early morning flight time was the only option, but the inexpensive cost was worth it. It’s also nice that the plane is nearly empty so I have an entire row to myself! Hopefully that lasts when do a quick layover in Texas.

I really wanted to check in and apologize for disappearing the last few weeks. It was completely unintentional and I really missed blogging. However, the day job took over and then I got sick. The cold from hell knocked me out over the Thanksgiving holiday, I even lost my voice for the last week. Needless to say, it’s nice to be able to talk again without sounding like a life long smoker. It was bad.

Aside from work and being sick, not much happened around the house in terms of projects. I’ve been slowly deep cleaning my entire house and pulling items for donation. Essentially Spring cleaning in November.

Thanksgiving was low key since our family is small, but really nice. We had a delicious meal and then my mom and I bundled up for our yearly girls night out for Black Friday shopping. I ended up finishing almost all my Christmas shopping on BF this year, and per usual, I scored a bunch of great deals for me as well. We typically hit the Outlet mall first, but regular stores opened really early this year so we started at Target (and Starbucks – required to shop all night), then hit up the local outlet mall where we spent a few hours. Next we went to Sports Authority, then over to Dicks Sporting Goods, then (like the crazy people we are) we went past the mall. We ended up getting home around 3am and went to bed. Later in the day we went past Best Buy and Frys. I was surprised that it wasn’t that busy during the day at Best Buy, and they still had ‘doorbusters’ on hand. I was able to score the Dell monitors for super cheap and speed through the line.

Black Friday_2012_1

So what did I get? (I did not include any item that is a gift for someone else, just in case they read this post.)

Best Buy:

  • 2 Dell 24” Monitors (I’m working on the office remodel)


  • The Big Bang Theory DVD Season 5
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo DVD

Crocs Outlet

  • 2 pairs of Crocs on BOGO Free sale (I wear them when I walk the dog since he likes to dance in the mud on a daily basis and it destroys all my other shoes. While they aren’t my most attractive shoes, I can easily rinse them off when we get home without ruining them.) They cost me $10 each.

Adidas Outlet

  • Dark Purple Cropped sweatpants
  • White Hat

Banana Republic Outlet

  • 2 long sleeve sweaters (Teal and Purple)
  • Blue Dress

Fossil Outlet

  • 2 long necklaces
  • 2 watches (50% off, and BOGO 50% on top of that!)
  • 3 bracelets

Cosmetics Outlet Shop

  • Bobbi Brown ‘Beach’ soap
  • Smashbox face powder

 Black Friday_2012_2

 Black Friday_2012_3 

I’ll be back while I’m on vacation to share some of our adventures (I hear we may go ice skating!) and I do have an easy DIY project to share to dress up simple art around the house.

I think I might try to get a nap in on the flight since I can stretch out. See ya from the east coast!

4 responses

  1. sounds like you had a great vist hope your feeling better soon, i have my own cold, went from sinuses to lungs. Looks like you bought alot of stuff hope you got some good deals (prices) Have a merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year

    • Thanks Heidi! There were some great prices out there for Black Friday, but they were tough to find this year. I don’t see the same great deals on BF as I used to. Hope you feel better soon, and have an AMAZING holiday!!

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