My Favorite Moment of the Week & Grocery Challenge

Moment of the Week_3

It has been very rainy for the past few days…and I’ve been loving every second of it! I love the rain and gloomy weather, and after a 110 degree summer, I adore these kinds of days. That photo was taken yesterday when I came home from breakfast, but it’s a tie for my favorite moment of the week. This past week was really good, and I’ve had a lot of favorite moments. I spent a girls day with my mom early last week where we went shopping and had lunch, and I cancelled my cable this week so I’ve been reading a lot more…not to mention the $130 back in my pocket each month. I achieved a 25 lb weight loss so I was able to get my 25lb reward, a new heart rate monitor. I picked up the white Polar Ft40F Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch(White) and am loving it! I meant to get this part of the post up on Sunday, but as I type this on Monday I’ve actually reached 30lb weight loss. I assign rewards to every 5 pounds so I also picked up the 30lb reward which was a new yoga mat, I chose the Manduka Black Mat PRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat . These are things that I was saving money for anyway, but instead of just buying them a few weeks ago I decided to achieve a weight loss goal before cashing in.  I’ll do a separate post on the workout program I’m doing right now, but I can say that I’ve never felt better and am seeing MAJOR changes in a short amount of time.

Since I forgot to put the Favorite moment post up yesterday, I’m going to combine it with today’s Grocery Challenge post. I took a picture of the grocery haul this week, but apparently I deleted it. Bummer. Instead I’ll share a few pictures of recent eats. I don’t consider myself a food blogger so I don’t ever plan to post daily eats on a regular basis; however, I do tend to put health/food pictures up on my instagram account. You can follow me at @addisonshaw

Greek yogurt, blueberries, raw honey, and Quinoa Crunch [kind of like a quinoa granola]

Homemade Tomato Pasta Soup and Grilled Cheese

Wasa Toast topped with Avocado and Eggs along with a sprinkle of parmesan. So good!

Apples and Peanut Butter. I have to hide in the office when I eat this or my dog tries to steal it from me. Seriously, that pup has a peanut butter addiction.

Homemade Turkey Meatball Pizza.

Garlic Snow peas with a salad made of Shrimp, Avocado, tomatoes and Cilantro Dressing. Side of Wasa Toasts. I was going for a bruschetta type thing. It was AMAZING.

Spaghetti Squash Meatball Bake, cooked in pan instead of the squash shell.


This week…

The Budget: $40

I Spent: $36.64 (Henry’s, Trader Joe’s, Target)

Leftover for the Piggy Bank: $3.36


The Goods:

Ricotta Cheese

Cage Free Organic Eggs [1 Dozen]

Chocolate Croissants

Cilantro Salad Dressing

Whole Wheat Pita Bread Pockets


Organic Spinach

Organic Romaine

Broccoli Florets

Chobani Greek Yogurt [16oz]

Vanilla Coconut Milk [Half Gallon]

Colby Jack Cheese [about 1/2 lb from the deli section]

Sirloin Tip Steak [4oz]

Carrots [5lbs] – Dog Treats


I’m still using the Out of Milk app and loving it. It makes it so easy to keep track of items to buy throughout the week.


Tentative Meal Plan:

Monday: Spaghetti Squash Bake [pictured above]

Tuesday: Steak Fajita Pita Pockets

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken & Veggies

Thursday: Basil Tilapia & Veggies

Friday: Chicken Parmesan & Veggies [instead of pasta]

Saturday: Eggs & Yam Hashbrowns

Sunday: Homemade Chili [leftover from my freezer stash]



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