I’m Feeling Inspired – 10 DIY Project Ideas

What did I do on the internet before Pinterst?! I’m assuming I was far more productive at other things in my life, but WHATEVER! I’ve been digging through pages of inspiration lately to find ideas for my office. Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas that are posted to my Pinterest DIY board. I’m hoping to do a few of these projects in the near future.



Paper Geometric Mobile!

I feel like mobiles are for babies room, but I love this and I don’t have a baby. I’m working on a remodel of my office and I’m thinking of building one for my office as an art piece. Is that weird?

Via: Craft Tuts+


Salvaged Wood Jewelry Holder!

A long while back, I shared that I use a rustic candelabra to hold my jewelry. I still love this method, but I need more jewelry storage since the candelabra is packed now. When I get around to tackling the closet, I’m going to build something like this along with some sort of earring display/storage.

Via: Visibly Moved


Hiding a Router!

This is a pretty genius way of hiding some of the computer equipment/cables that tend to lie around the office. I’m definitely going to try this as I redo my office. I don’t know that I’ll actually use it for my router, but I have a lot of other chargers (etc) to use with this idea.

Via: Sweet Sanity


Hiding a Router (part deux)!

This is another take on how to hide a router, and I love the vintage feel of using a book. If I’m not able to hide my router under my desk, this is the inspiration I’ll use.

Via: Anamu


Etched Glass Tray (out a Window!)

I have an oddly large amount of trays in my house. I actually use them to carry things between floors, like when I need to move dishes from my office back to the kitchen. I love the idea of using a salvaged window to create such a beautiful design. This could also make an amazing housewarming or goodbye gift to someone that is moving to a new city.

Via: DesignSponge


Cinderblock Bar!

I think I’m going to do something like this in the coming months. I have the perfect spot for it next to my BBQ and under a window.

Via: theHUNTEDinterior


Industrial Coffee Table!

This one is on my to-do list right now. I need a new coffee table in my living room and I think this would be perfect.

Via: The Locker


Palette Garden!

I’ve always loved this project but don’t have easy access to scrap palettes. I only wish I had seen this when I had a small balcony, I’m not sure where I would put it these days, but I’m using it as an inspiration for decorating my front door.

Via: Life on the Balcony


DIY Painted Mugs!

I like the imperfect design and think this would make the cutest holiday party favor (or hostess gift) with some hot cocoa or flavored coffee.

Via: Wit & Whistle


A really beautiful DIY dining table!

I said before that I’m in the process of re-designing my office, and I’m thinking that this table might make the perfect desk. It has the rustic feel, but slim profile, that I want.

Via: Stylizimo



What DIY projects are you ‘pinning’ lately? Feel free to leave your Pinterest handle in the comment section!

One response

  1. Great projects! I love the geometric mobile, totally caught my attention…. The cinder block planter is so cool, I’ve loved that look for a while – never got to do it yet…. we were THIS close to living in a modern ranch style house that it would have totally fit into, but things changed….. great post!

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