Today is my birthday!

I’m turning 31.

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I celebrated a bit this weekend, but it will be pretty low key this year since my birthday falls on a Monday and I have to work. A few years back, I started a tradition for when I’m not celebrating with friends/family on my actual birthday. I get take out from my favorite restaurant, a little ice cream cake from 31 Flavors, and my favorite movie. It’s a awesome evening that I look forward to it all day long. Granted, it’s not wild and crazy, but I love the quiet evening at home cuddled up on the couch with my pup and my favorite Italian food. I don’t know if this makes sense to  a lot of people, I probably just sound incredibly boring, but it’s the perfect solution when my birthday falls during the week.

I’m working on my thoughts for the 30 in 30 list…and I’m still finalizing my 31 in 31 list (oh yeah, it’s happening!). I have a ton of things on tap for the next few months in particular that I’m excited about. I really want to push myself more, so I figured I’d start right now and begin showing my face more on the blog. I don’t like pictures being taken of me (REALLY don’t like it), but as I enter my 30’s, I’m feeling much more comfortable in my own skin. [I was also having too much fun playing with the Instagram filters this past weekend.] So don’t worry, I won’t begin plastering my face everywhere…but I may be making an appearance from time to time. 

Lots more to come in the next few days, but for now…I’m off to work celebrate!


7 responses

  1. Your picture is very nice … I know what you mean about plastering your face everywhere. I don’t understand why girls (these days) do that. When I was young, that was unacceptable behavior …. besides being made fun of, you would not have many friends. Maybe I’m just old, but I’m okay with that ….. Have a Happy Birthday !

  2. Addison, You look like a natural and beautiful model should look, I’m an old man but I still know beauty when I see beauty and you are. You do not sound boring on contrary you’re the perfect lady for the Mr. Right. I hope you are still celebrating your birthday because you should be. I hope you have a great year and better ones after that. And if you decide to plaster your face everywhere, It’s about time people see some true beauty out there…..May God Bless You Always.

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