What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Ok, I give in…I’m jumping on the WIAW bandwagon (a bit late). I don’t know why I find it so fascinating seeing what other people eat throughout the day. Perhaps it’s because I love to cook, so I feel a bit inspired…but it also gives me alternate ideas for snacks and quick meals. Here’s a foodie snapshot into my day yesterday.


I tried a new recipe this week and made a batch of Cinnamon Apple Steel Cut oats in my Crockpot. It was so nice to wake up to hot oatmeal without lifting a finger. I also made enough to reheat throughout the week. I like to get a lot of protein in the morning, it keeps me full throughout the day, so I paired the oatmeal with a few egg whites.

What I Ate Wednesday 5_21_13_1


I broke away from a meeting to grab a quick snack later in the morning. I filled a bowl with fresh pineapple, some Pineapple Flavored Greek Yogurt and a scoop of grape nuts. Most of the time grape nuts tastes like little rocks, but the yogurt softens it perfectly and it adds the best crunch to a creamy snack.

What I Ate Wednesday 5_21_13_2


Lunch stumped me yesterday. I only had a few minutes between meetings and I didn’t want another salad (which is my go to quick lunch), so I made a few chicken & cheddar quesadillas. I topped them with a bit of mashed avocado and downed a sparkling water just before I had to dial in for my next meeting.

What I Ate Wednesday 5_21_13_3


Since I was lacking some veggies for lunch, I  made a whole bunch of green beans for dinner. I tossed them with a Tablespoon of parmesan and baked them at 425 for 10 minutes. Crispy and cheesy! I also threw a baked potato and Feta chicken burger on the plate. It looks a little boring, but it was oh so delicious.

What I Ate Wednesday 5_21_13_4

I also had my standard glass of eboost around 3pm, and a (not so standard) brownie as desert which I forgot to photograph. I may have also eaten half the green beans before I remembered to snap the picture above. How do the daily eats bloggers do it?

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