A New Day…


There I go again, disappearing on you. Sorry. I have plenty of reasons, but none of them are all that good. So let’s just move with an update, shall we?


As you can imagine, life has been a bit out of control lately. The good news is that I may be getting a bit of a break soon (not a vacation), which I’ll explain later since it won’t be finalized for a few weeks. However, if things go the way I think they are, I won’t be working much over the next few months.

Oh good grief…this is way too vague. I might be on Jury Duty for a few months!

I can’t talk about the case or why it’s so long, but I’ll know more in a few weeks when they finish jury selection. So while I won’t be working at my day job, if I’m on the trial, I’ll still be ‘working’. However, it does mean I have to offload my work to others for a bit, and I’ll be forced to step out of some projects. I can’t tell you how much I need that right now. I’ve had more and more work dumped on me lately with NO help. At a minimum, this will force some help to step in while I’m out. So while my boss isn’t happy (understandably)…it’s really out of my control at this point. We’ll just have to see what happens when I report back.


I’ve been trying to find that silver lining, should I be put on the trial, and the thought of getting a mental break from work has picked up my spirits. It’s like finally seeing that light at the end of a tunnel that’s been shut down for a very long time…if that makes sense.  It’s inspired me to get back into the blog and start a few new projects. One project is to blog once a day for the month of July. Yes, I know…lofty goal for someone that hasn’t blogged in nearly a month, but you have to start somewhere. I love writing/blogging and I truly miss it right now, so this should be a fun challenge for me.


Since I’ll be back tomorrow, I’ll keep it short & sweet and leave you with some wise words that I’ve been loving lately.

Definitely a lesson I could stand to learn a bit better.


Via: Ali Edwards 



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