Happy Wednesday!

Or, LUCKY YOU, if today happens to be your ‘Friday’. I can’t lie, I’m a little jealous of anyone with 4 days off for the holiday. I do get Independence Day off, but I have to work on Friday.



I’m going to continue with the WIAW posts each week. I probably won’t post any recipes on these, so if you see a recipe you want, just let me know. I can email it to you or draft up a separate post.

My eating has been really out of control lately, and breaking those bad eating cycles has been tough! So today was a good chance to get back on track since I snapped a pic of everything. It’s amazing how taking pictures of your food really makes you reconsider what you are going to eat. *reaches for Oreos…ugh, I have to take a picture…grabs a big glass of water instead*  Yep, that happened.



First thing in the morning I always have a glass of hot water and fresh lemon juice. I don’t think I’ve photographed this in any of the past WIAW posts, but it happens everyday. I buy bags of tiny lemons at Trader Joe’s each week since you usually get 6-7 and they are the perfect size to squeeze a whole little lemon into your water.

Lemon Water

Today I had very limited time for breakfast so I had to go for convenience. I picked up a few Good Food Made Simple Egg Burritos at Target recently and they’re pretty damn tasty! This one had egg whites and chicken apple sausage, along with potatoes, cheese, and peppers. They cook in the microwave in less than 2 minutes and the nutritional stats are pretty decent. I paired it with a big bowl of strawberries.

Egg Burrito and Strawberries



Fish Tacos!! I had no idea what to cook for lunch today until I saw some leftover fish in the freezer (I work from home so I typically cook lunch as opposed to eating out). I’ve actually featured these on the blog before, you can read the original recipe here. I was out cabbage so I used Spinach instead along with big chunks of avocado. So delicious.

Fish Tacos



Apparently I was feeling egg deficient today because I ended up having more for dinner. Actually, I went with breakfast because it was simple. This past weekend it was 111 degrees at my house and my AC just broke, AGAIN! So I escaped to my parents house one night to visit with my parents sit in front of a working AC vent. On Sunday morning, my mom made the best scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese. In fact, as a kid, I remember eating these eggs all the time when we would go camping. I scrambled 1 whole egg with 3 egg whites along with a dash of milk, wilted spinach, turkey bacon and a little cheese. I paired the amazing eggs with some hashbrowns (from the Trader Joe’s freezer section) and a few slices of toast. Excellent comfort food.

Breakfast For Dinner


That’s it! The only things that escaped the camera were glasses of water and the eboost I had around 4pm (since it’s just mixed into more water). I drink A LOT of water.

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