A Puppy Adventure

I decided to take the pup on a little adventure this morning. I was missing home (I’m born and raised in Orange County) and needed my beach fix as well, so it seemed like a good idea. So bright and not so early (I overslept) we packed up a few things and jumped in the car.

He was a little excited.

Doggie Beach_772013_2

He slept for most of the trip since it takes about 1.5 hours to get there, but his nose perked up as soon as we hit PCH. He must love that salt air as much as I do, he spent the entire drive along the beach with his head out the window.

Doggie Beach_772013_13

*sigh* I tried to stand here and enjoy the view for a few moments, but I was promptly dragged down the boardwalk toward the water.

There is only one approved off leash dog beach in Orange County, in Huntington Beach. I prefer the vibe of HB so it works for both of us.

Doggie Beach_772013_5

The leash came off as his little paws hit the sand and he went RUNNING into the water…a true lab heart. Even when he looked exhausted he kept running back into the water.

Doggie Beach_772013_6

I always bring a few tennis balls with me, since it’s likely that other dogs will steal them. I don’t mind since my little one has a bad habit of leaving them anyway. We only lost one this time, but that’s because it actually sank! It must have had a hole, but it confused the crap out Bax when it disappeared.

Doggie Beach_772013_7

A rare moment when he actually brought the ball back to me, I swear I fetch more than he does.

Doggie Beach_772013_12

It was absolutely beautiful today. We arrived early enough to score a rare parking lot spot and enjoy some cloud cover.

Doggie Beach_772013_8

Not long before we left, the sun peaked out and it started to warm up a bit.

Doggie Beach_772013_9

I love the two pictures below. I have no idea what he was playing with, but he looks like he’s dancing along the beach.

Doggie Beach_772013_10

Doggie Beach_772013_11

We stayed about an hour since he wear himself out nonstop. After a quick rinse with clean water and a towel dry at the car, he hops back in the car. Despite my attempt to clean him up, he (and my car) are a complete mess, but I don’t mind.

That’s PURE HAPPINESS! (for both of us)




Doggie Beach_772013_1


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