Take a [Yoga] Break

Today is the perfect example of a very long day. Working from home definitely has it’s advantages, but a downside is that I often find myself sitting in the same spot ALL DAY LONG. I am at this desk all day for my day job, then I often sit here to do personal stuff, blog, etc.  It’s not uncommon for me to be at my desk for 12+ hours each day.


To break up my day & force myself to get up and move, I’ve been trying a few new things. First is set a a few alarms on my phone. I have 3-4 timers set up on my phone to go off throughout the day to remind me to get up. Yes, that seems really ‘type A’, but when I get sucked into work I lose track of time. I’ll mean to get up to grab lunch or walk around, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Hopefully by continuing with the alarm method, it will be a gentle reminder to GET UP! 

I like to do this particular stretch during my shorter breaks, it releases every knot in my back and legs. I’ve also done this while listening in on conference calls, but only when I know I won’t have to jump into the conversation. You don’t want to rise quickly out of this stretch, be gentle.  


Uttanasana: standing forward bend.  2013 is the year I plan to really focus on my yoga practice. I plan to commence teacher training so I can deeper my knowledge and guide others through this special philosophy. #EndeavourCollegeofNaturalHealth #My2013HealthVision



The next thing I am doing, is a quick yoga sequence to stretch and clear my mind. I like both of the below sequences depending on how I’m feeling at that moment. Not only does it force me out of my chair, but I get the added benefit of reduced stress and increased strength & flexibility.





Just 5 minutes will make a difference! Yoga in the morning.


If you want to try something similar and don’t like yoga, try walking around the block or building. When I used to work at an office, I liked to walk outside and around the building a few times to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. I also used to take some of my less formal work calls while wandering around outside. Unfortunately I don’t have the best cell service at my house so that doesn’t work so well for me now.


…and in case you need a little more inspiration to bring some healthy back into you life. This is Daphne Selfe, the ‘oldest’ an amazing supermodel at 83 years old. She credits Yoga and Pilates to keeping her body in the best shape. I hope I look this hot and healthy at 83!

flexibility - 83-year-old daphne selfe



All you office workers out there…what tips do you have?


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