A Random Check In

I had a completely different post planned for today, a DIY for new succulent terrariums! I had all the stuff set up to do after work, but (and this is the most random part of my day) a bird got into the house this afternoon and made them his home for a bit. I kid you not, he wandered around the plants then apparently kicked them on the floor when he freaked out…plus he pooped all over the actual terrariums during his visit. I couldn’t make this stuff up folks. I didn’t take a picture because I was more concerned about the safety of the bird, then I had to get the mess up before my pup tried to eat a cactus.


The bird made it safely out of the house, in case you were concerned.


Later there were lots of stress induced tears (related to work, not the bird)…and it was just a bad day all around. Sigh.

I have been digging back into homework lately. I think I’ve officially forgotten how to study, can that happen? I’ve highlighted nearly every sentence and I’ve made a ton of note cards…and that’s just Chapter 1. Clearly I have a lot of learning to do!

NASM studying_1


On a more positive note – The AC guy is coming back tomorrow (well probably today depending on when you’re reading this). I finally got my AC fixed about a month ago and it was a glorious month of cool air. Then 2 days before a massive heat wave rolled in, it broke again. The temps hit 111 here that weekend and we actually had to leave and stay with family because it was just too hot in the house to sleep. Hopefully it’s a quick and inexpensive fix since it’s going to be a very hot summer. Fingers crossed!


Hope you are all having a good week and don’t mind a quick little random check in.


…a little reminder for myself on these super bad days…




3 responses

  1. I TRULY Understand ! It’s just a “Bad Day ” NOT a “Bad Life” ! The bad ones make us appreciate the “Good Ones” even more so !!! Your posting bring a smile ! Thanks !

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your rough week. I’m glad the bird is safe. I know how you feel about the homework stuff – I did a 6 month course and haven’t been in school for 20+ years. I did have to learn how to learn all over again – crazy!!! step back, take a deep breath…you can do it!

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