Happy Wednesday!


Today has been a much better day than yesterday, and the best part is that I now have a working Air Conditioner! Wait no…the best part is that the repairs were under warranty and it didn’t cost me a penny (YAY!). The AC unit will need to be replaced in the next year or so, but it’s working and that’s all that matters right now.




I woke up wanting something special this morning. I am in love with the Uncured Trader Joe’s Turkey Bacon, it’s absolutely delicious. By far the best I’ve ever tasted. I paired it with 2 Van’s Protein Waffles and a big scoop of blueberries.




This is a repeat meal on the blog, and I stole this picture from a previous post. However, I ate exactly this meal. It’s a big bowl of romaine lettuce, a chopped up chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, and Trader Joe’s Cilantro Dressing. I eat this for lunch all the time since it’s quick, easy, filling and healthy. Sometimes I like to add a scoop of black beans or quinoa to change things up.

What I Ate Wednesday_5_29_Lunch



I’ve been seriously craving BBQ lately so my entire dinner was created around BBQ sauce. I just bought some sweet potatoes so I topped the potato with grilled chicken and BBQ sauce. I paired it with a plate full of sautéed garlic green beans. So, it’s not quite like local BBQ faire, but it worked in a pinch.




One of my favorite snacks is lunch meat, particularly the Rotisserie Style Chicken from…where else…Trader Joe’s! I also had a bit of chocolate (not at the same time as the chicken) from my Dark Chocolate stash. By chocolate stash, I mean the last Dark Chocolate Holiday bar that I’ve been hoarding because it’s my favorite and I can’t get it until Christmas time. Damn you Trader Joe’s seasonal specials! I’m stocking up next year, hope no one else in my city wants these chocolate bars…I’m buying them out! 🙂



As usual, water and eboost are unpictured.

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