An Update…

It’s time to officially swap the flip flops for high heels, because I’ve been assigned to the jury case. I can’t go into any detail, but I can say it’s a criminal case and it’s expected to go on for quite some time.



There is a part of me that has let out a sigh of relief because I finally know. It’s been frustrating each day, not knowing what’s happening the next. It also means that I am forced to regroup at work and hand off my workload to others. I’ll still be able to check in with them each day and help out when I’m not in court, but I finally get some HELP. Oh and I get to dress up and wear heels again, which I’ve actually missed since I started working from home.

As much as I joke around about shoes, I’m not in any way saying this will be easy. I consider this an INCREDIBLY serious responsibility. So please understand if you ask questions, I cannot answer them until after the trial. Even then, I’ll have to see how I feel about sharing my experience. I will say that I feel like it’s an honor to be part of the process and I wish more people wouldn’t try to get out of jury duty; although I completely understand the inconvenience it can cause for everyone involved.


I do not intend to stop blogging and I plan to keep posting as I have been. Though I may miss  a day here and there, depending on how busy I am between court/work/personal…etc. I hope you understand.


Just wanted to stop by and share the news. Hope you are all having a great week!


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