Another Wednesday…Another Food Log!



Before we get into the eats…I’m thinking of getting another little furball. And by little, I mean…

Cute Little Hamsters_1


Awwww, aren’t they cute! There are actually three little ones in that sleepy pile. When I was junior high, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog so I got a hamster instead. I named her Muffin…she was my bestest little friend, I took her everywhere. These little ones look exactly like her and I’m smitten. I want to go get one so bad. I’ve already picked out a name…which is a probably a sign that one will be coming home soon. I’m just waiting to find out about jury duty first, but Baxter might have a little sister soon! (Not to actually play with of course…he’d probably eat her on accident. Who am I kidding…she’d scare him silly, he’s a big baby).

Ok, now on to the food.



I’m not much of a cereal fan, but I’ve recently found one that I actually like. Kashi shredded wheat in Island Vanilla is absolutely delicious! It’s healthy and just slightly sweet. It’s perfect with a bit of Organic Milk and a bowl of blueberries.




Did you know that some Panera’s are being built with a Drive thru? It’s genius and today I was able to pick up half a Caesar salad and a Turkey/Bacon/Avocado sandwich without getting out of my car. I could tell Baxter wanted to take a car ride, so that’s why we went through the drive thru…

Oh who am I kidding, he didn’t really want to go…I went their because I was hungry and didn’t want to change out of my  yoga pants. The epitome of delicious laziness.



Today is a very long work day. In fact I’m writing this after midnight because I just finished work about 30 minutes ago. I’m going to be in court all day tomorrow so it’s like preparing to go on vacation every single day and I have to clear out as much work as possible in case I have to be in court all week. I broke around 8 for a comfort dinner and made a big bowl of Spaghetti and (frozen) Turkey Meatballs.



Unpictured: a few pieces of chocolate before bed, my eboost and many glasses of water.


I don’t know why, but I’ve been incredibly productive lately. Even with work all day, I still managed to get a workout in and start a few other things around the house. Whatever’s gotten into me…I hope it sticks around.

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