About Me…

It occurs to me that welcoming you to my blog feels a little like I’m writing a ‘Date my Single Ass’ advertisement (that line should bring some interesting Google searches). For the record, I’m a Taurus, love the rain and long romantic walks along the beach…but really, who doesn’t?

All joking aside, I’m excited to start this new blog since it feels like an official kick off to my new life.

A little about me…

My name is Addison*, I recently turned 29 (queue the quarter life crisis) and I live in Southern California, born and raised in Orange County. I work for a large Telecommunication company which shall remain nameless for purposes of anonymity and I currently live with my lovely, not so little chocolate lab, Baxter.


Some History…

A few years back I had my life in order, I was successfully winning the war against bad eating and preparing to run the Rock & Roll Marathon in San Diego. I had my own apartment in a beautiful city by the beach and life was everything I thought it should be. Then the shit hit the fan, quite literally (my puppy actually pooped on the base of my living room floor fan). Suddenly my company decided to lay off thousands of employees, my job included. After a very tough couple of months, floating from job to job within the same company, I finally found a new position and was able to keep a job, thought it wasn’t a job I liked. Unfortunately the pain was just beginning as the entire team I previously worked with was disbanded and stopped working in my office. Suddenly I was alone and my new job supported a manager and coworkers that were located across the country. Each day for the next year I sat in my lonely cubicle, on an empty floor, in an empty office building. It was a slow torture, but I was just trying to hang onto my job paycheck. Right around the same time I adopted my adorable little 3 lb pup (now 96 lb) and my social life officially committed suicide as I ran home everyday on my lunch and after work to scrub stains out of my carpet. Not long after getting acclimated to my new position, the company announced layoffs AGAIN. This time,thousands were being let go and all but 2 of my friends lost their job. I was miserable and went through a variety of emotions. Many of those emotions were drowned in old disordered eating habits and many, many pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo. I went through my own version of survivors guilt as I watched dozens of my close coworkers lose their jobs. Even though I was lucky enough to keep my job, I sank into a deep, deep depression. I stopped leaving the house, gained about 80 lbs over the course of 2 years and essentially became a hermit within my little apartment with my pup. Things were not going well…

About a year ago I decided that I needed a change of scenery to break me out of the funk. I moved an hour inland from my beloved beach, bought my first home, and started telecommuting. Honestly, I expected an immediate shift and thought life would be so much better when I moved; however, the grass was not greener. Hell, my new backyard didn’t have any grass at all!


A New Start…

Over the past year things have certainly started shifting, and this blog is part of that change. It took months to feel at home in the new house (I’m a homeowner!!), and now I’m ready to begin changing other areas of my life. I have so many dreams that have been gathering dust, and this blog is my way of deep cleaning my life…and my house.

For so long, I felt that I was destined to be lonely, overweight, creatively stifled, and generally unhappy. I REFUSE TO SETTLE ANYMORE!

Some blog topics you’ll see regularly…

  • Home Projects/DIY on a budget
  • Adventures as I explore both my new city and the rest of the world
  • Healthy Eating…Getting Back on Track
  • Workouts and Weight Loss
  • Other Various Inspirations

So I hope you’ll stick around and follow along the journey of me Changing My Destiny, and I would be greatly honored to hear about your stories as well. While I expect to write this blog to keep myself accountable (whether anyone reads it or not), I hope that I can join this amazing, supportive blogging community as well.





*For the record, Addison Shaw is not the name I was born with, but it’s a pen name I choose to use for purposes of this blog and other writing/creative projects. If you contact me and require a legal name for whatever reason, it will be provided to you via phone or email.

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