Easy DIY – Eraser Stamped Journals

DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_8

I’m in a crafty mood lately, so yesterday I decided to try my hand at the ‘Pinterest-popular’ eraser dot/stamping technique. The basic concept is to use a pencil eraser as your paint brush. The project was fast, easy and since you can wipe the erasers clean…there was very little mess. 

DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_1


– Blank cover notebooks. I used Moleskine Pocket Cahier booklets which come in a set of three.

– Paint in your favorite colors. You can use any type of opaque paint for this project. I used Acrylic paints because that is what I had on hand, but you can use craft paint or even stamp pads for another cool look.

– Classic #2 Pencils with pink erasers. I also tested the dot technique with a Pentel Clik Eraser and some craft Stencil Daubers. All worked, but the yellow pencil/pink eraser provided the best result.

– Paper Towels and a little water for clean up, and small paint brush is helpful for any paint touch-ups you may find necessary.


 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_4

I decided to do the first notebook with metallic dots. I used the pencil eraser to dot copper dots on first. I found it helpful to keep a small paintbrush on hand to gently tap down any paint that peaked as you can see on some of the dots above. It’s not necessary to do this step, it was just my personal preference.

 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_5

I gave the copper dots a minute or so to dry, then I used the same pencil eraser to dot on some gold paint.

 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_6

Then I added some silver dots. Since you are using such a small amount of paint, the booklet dries very quickly.

SUCCESS! I love the finished journal!

 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_2

While the metallic booklet was drying, I tried using the Pentel Clik eraser to dot the other booklet.

 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_3

I used Aqua, Dark Purple, and Silver for this one.

 DIY_Eraser Dot Journals_7

I didn’t like this finished booklet as much since the Clik Eraser didn’t stamp the paint as cleanly as the Pencil Eraser. You can see the difference in how poorly the purple stamped. That was partly due to the eraser and partly due to the type of paint. The aqua and silver worked just fine so I would recommend testing the paints you choose on a piece of paper before you stamp your final product. I had such good luck with the fist booklet that I didn’t test out the purple paint…but you live and learn.

It’s still pretty in it’s own way and now I have two lovely personalized booklets to write in. Bonus, clean up was a breeze and the whole project was done in less than 20 minutes. These would also make great gifts to the book/journal lover in your life!


What DIY Projects have you been working on lately?