6 Random Things…

Spring Colors 

I’m starting to break out the spring inspired nail polishes again. Shade of aqua,  like breezy days relaxing at the beach. When it’s not aqua it’s coral. Speaking of, who’s seen the beautiful colors of the new OPI Brazil collection? I just got my order and am so smitten with the colors and formula.

…and on the Spring theme…


Spring Cleaning

I cleaned my entire house this weekend. Top to bottom, front door to attic (just kidding, I don’t go in the attic. Spiders live up there). You get the point. I made a list for each room on Friday night, and plowed through it starting on Saturday and finished the biggest problem areas, like the kitchen, on Sunday. Not the most exciting way to sped a weekend, but it feels amazing to have a clean house. I also took care of a few random house chores, like installing a Carbon Monoxide detector, swapping out a few door bumpers, and replacing a toilet seat (never thought I’d actually have to know how to do that…joys of being a homeowner).

The challenge now is to keep the place looking great all the time instead of having to do this type of cleaning again anytime soon. I put together a schedule to quick hit every room in the house twice a month to keep on top of things. I think I could do a quick 15-20 minute cleanup each day in the scheduled room, and keep on top of things. Quick cleanup would be dust, vacuum, pick up lose items, counters/toilets, fix any small issues.

How do you guys tackle cleaning, do you keep any type of schedule/plan? Or do you do Super Cleaning weekends every few months?


The Schedule:

(1st/16th) Foyer/Entry

(2nd/17th) Den/Workout Area

(3rd/18th) Downstairs Bathroom

(4th/19th) Yard/Porch

(5th/20th) Garage

(6th/21st) Dining Room

(7th/22nd) Powder Room

(8th/23rd) Living Room

(9th/24th) Kitchen

(10th/25th) Office

(11th/26th) Spare Bedroom

(12th/27th) Spare Bathroom

(13th/28th) Laundry

(14th/29th) Master Bedroom

(15th/30th) Master Bathroom/Closet



It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve experienced overwhelming anxiety, but much longer that I’ve been drowning in stress. Some days are worse than others, of course. I came across an article on Greatist.com this week and I really enjoyed it, 15 Ways to Beat Anxiety Now. If you deal with anxiety or high stress, you may enjoy this article as well.


Natural Beauty

In the past I’ve always been a fan of technologically advanced beauty, but more and more, I’ve transitioning to a more natural beauty regimen. I still use non-natural brands and products, but I strongly believe that when you know better you do better. So I’ve started to embrace brands like Shea Terra, and Stark Skincare.



I’ve also started experimenting with making some at home beauty products. So far my favorite thing is washing my face with honey! Amazing results & easy to make, and customize, at home. I’ll probably do a separate post on this in the future.


Recent Reads

I finished the sometimes daughter by Sherri Wood Emmons last week. It’s the story of a girl born at Woodstock and her relationship with her mom and family as she grows into her teens. It’s a fairly simple story of watching a young girl grow up in the 60/70’s and experiencing her personal/family struggles. If you enjoy getting a glimpse into someone else’s family life (we’re all a little voyeuristic, right?), then you’ll probably like this.



Puppy Love

I’ve been struggling a bit with my pup recently. He’s been having some mobility issues with his back leg. It always seems to be prompted by rough/wild playing, or a long day outdoors so I’m fairly certain it’s muscle strains. However, I think he is also developing some arthritis due to the extra weight he carries around. I’m having to adjust his food and add some supplements in hope of bringing him some natural relief without going to prescription pain killers. He’ll be seen by our vet in a few weeks for a checkup, fingers crossed, I’ve finally found the best nutrition plan for my little one. It’s so hard to see him struggle when I know he really wants to run through a dog park or splash at the dog beach. I hope we can get back to that soon.

If your pup has had similar issues, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Alright, I’m off to collapse onto the couch and relax after all that cleaning. I hope you all had a great weekend!

The Love List

With my little disappearance act from the blog recently, I never did a proper New Year post. Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch into a recap of 2013…no need. It can pretty much be summed up in 4 words…Work, Jury Duty, Vacation. That covers a majority of the yearly highlights, sadly nothing else too extraordinary. I struggled with massive amounts of anxiety & stress last year which was a challenge, but I’m working to turn all that around this year.


I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a good one.


Instead of doing New Year’s Resolutions this year, or planning any major goals to overcome, I decided to go a different direction. I created a Love List.

One day, I was feeling particularly burned out and ‘blah’, so I grabbed some paper & pen, and scribble down 25 things that I love. They are very general, and I didn’t mean for it to be too specific. I wanted to create a list of things that I love, thing that brought me joy in life. I’ve posted the list below. You’ll notice that some are incredibly general. I did that purposely so that I could find all the bits of joy within that ‘love’ item.

For example… #23 is Travel. General, right? I could have clarified that I wanted to travel overseas or to a  specific country, and I do. But overall I simply love travelling. I can’t afford to do it often, but I love it. So it’s on the list. The goal will be to find ways to ‘travel’ in my area when I can’t afford to go far.


So what’s the point?


The point of creating this list was to help me see the beauty around me on the tough days. On those days that seem to break me down, I can grab this list, pick a number and do something I love. Maybe it will be to curl up with a good book, or hop in the car with my pup and go to the beach, or add something new to the garden…hell, sometimes it will simply to be sit down and listen to the sound of the rain (check out Rainymood.com. It’s just the sound of the rain, INCREDIBLE).

I should also say that this is not EVERYTHING that I love. This is the first 25 that popped into my head. I’m sure the list could go on and on…


These are in no particular order…


The Love List


  1. Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Nails
  2. Baxter, Dogs & Animals, helping animals
  3. Instagram
  4. Photography, Black & White Photos, SLR Cameras
  5. Writing Stories
  6. Blogging
  7. Organization & Planning
  8. Home Decor & Interior Design
  9. DIY, Craft Projects, Building Things
  10. Healthy Living, Detox my Life (in all different ways)
  11. Cooking
  12. Bargain Shopping/Hunting
  13. Dancing
  14. Yoga
  15. The Beach
  16. Meditation & Self Hypnosis
  17. The Sound of the Rain
  18. Green Living, Learning to be Environmentally Conscious
  19. Growing my own food
  20. Reading
  21. Family & Friends
  22. Journaling,Creating Photo Look-books
  23. Travel
  24. Art, String Art, Painting
  25. Learning, Continuing Education, School


The Challenge is to pick several of these a week and make sure that I’m spending time doing things that I love. Sometimes with the ‘busy-ness’ that is life, it’s hard to find those happy moments. This is just one way that I’m trying to incorporate more HAPPY into my life this year.


What is on your Love List?

Beauty Talk #2


My favorite recent beauty tip involves a way to turn a steamy shower into a aromatherapy experience. It’s very simple, and completely customizable to your mood. 

For a spa like shower, mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Spritz into a steamy shower before you step in, and enjoy the aromatherapy. You can mix a variety of oils to create a scent you love. Citrus & Mint is great for an uplifting morning shower, Eucalyptus if you’re feeling sick, Lavender & Chamomile are excellent for relaxing in the evening. Maybe try a little Neroli or Rose before date night 😉 Mix, Spritz, Enjoy!

I created a lovely mix of Peppermint and Vanilla recently. It’s an amazing pick me up in the morning.



In other beauty news lately…these are a few insta-posts from the last few weeks! You can read the specifics of each picture over at Instagram!







Beauty Talk #1


Having been gone from this blog for so long, has not only been upsetting for me (I miss this space!), but also a bit daunting. I’ve sat down multiple times to write a ‘I’m back’ post and I couldn’t figure out what to say. I’m sure that’s not an uncommon feeling for bloggers that have to take a break away from the web. Sometimes the words just don’t flow so well…


I don’t have any extraordinary reason as to why I stopped blogging lately. Life and work have been overwhelming (we’re going through layoffs again), and I honestly didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to share. I hadn’t completed many projects around the house and I wasn’t trying any new recipes. Life felt more than a little boring. So, instead of boring you with the mundane catch up…let’s just move on, shall we? In the past few weeks I’ve been getting back into home projects and I have a few fun crafts planned. I’ve redone the backyard grass planters which I’ll post about soon. That post will answer the multitude of questions that have been emailed to me about the project. I never knew so many of you would benefit from a ‘growing grass on concrete’ project, so hopefully that future post will answer some of your questions. Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve also made some progress on the office and made a few other tweaks around the house. More on that soon…


One fun thing I’ve done lately (blogging wise) is start up a new Instagram account. I’ve mentioned my love of beauty, makeup, skincare on the blog in the past. I’ve even done a few monthly favorite posts, but I wasn’t thrilled with those. Instead I’ve started up a dedicated beauty Instagram account where I can chat all things beauty, share my likes (and dislikes), etc. For anyone that wants to follow me, you can find me @evolovelybeauty. For the blog, I thought I’d share a recap from time to time along with any of my favorite posts/tips.


So today, is a little weekly beauty recap and a recipe!


My favorite post of the week was sharing how I start my day, detox style. Each morning I get up and make the drink below while the pup is eating. I drink this along with a probiotic capsule, then wait 30-60 minutes before eating. I started doing this in September and have seen a dramatic difference in my skin since doing so. I used to get hormonal cystic acne regularly and that has completely cleared up. I have not had a single cystic spot since drinking this at the start of my day. My skin is brighter, clearer, and overall I just feel better. My mom also drinks this and has seen a big difference as well.

I created this recipe using other detox drinks as a guide. You have probably heard of people drinking hot water with lemon, or taking a Ginger Bomb. This is essentially a combination of those drinks. It’s something that works for me.


Morning Detox Drink:

If you’re not used to drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, this can take some getting used to. Thanks to the other ingredients, it’s not overwhelmingly strong in this drink. You can alter the amount of water you use while you get used to the taste. Add more in the beginning if you need to, just be sure to drink the whole thing.


The Basics

1-2 Cups Water (I prefer hot, like for tea…but you can also drink this iced/cold if you prefer the taste that way)

1 Tablespoon Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Honey

Juice of 1/2 a fresh Lime (you can also use a lemon, I just prefer the lime)

Add all ingredients, stir and drink. I prefer to drink with a straw, and while I don’t chug it, I do drink it all rather quickly. It’s not something I like to sip on…you get the point.


Give it the best ability to absorb by not eating for 30-60 minutes after you finish the drink.


The Optional Additions:

After I had been drinking the above for about 2 months, I started adding the below. You may choose to skip these, or maybe you prefer to add them from the start. I’ll leave that to your discretion. Please note that with all the ingredients, do your own research (or talk to your doctor) to find out if these ingredients would be beneficial to you.


1/8 teaspoon of Ground Turmeric (I’m slowing adding more over time, it’s a strong taste)

1/8 teaspoon Ground Ginger (I’ll probably slowly up this amount over time as well)

The other 1/2 of fresh lime (so that you are juicing the entire lime into you drink each morning)

Mix well and drink.



Like a lot of super healthy things, I don’t always jump out of bed excited to drink this. But more often than not, I crave it. I’ve seen such a dramatic difference in my health (and particularly my skin), that I don’t really want to give it up.


In other beauty news lately…these are a few insta-posts from the last week! You can read the specifics of each picture over at Instagram!





Words of Wisdom – Tips on Staying Inspired

I’ve been really sick lately (pardon my disappearance), and I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. Although, I did get the office repainted before this cold kicked my ass to the couch. Luckily I’m FINALLY starting to feel like me again (thank goodness!) so I’ll be back with posts soon. In the meantime I found this infographic of tips to stay inspired. Since I’ve been out of court and back at work for the week, I’ve particularly liked the ‘Plan Your Day’ section.


Stay Inspired!


An Update…

It’s time to officially swap the flip flops for high heels, because I’ve been assigned to the jury case. I can’t go into any detail, but I can say it’s a criminal case and it’s expected to go on for quite some time.



There is a part of me that has let out a sigh of relief because I finally know. It’s been frustrating each day, not knowing what’s happening the next. It also means that I am forced to regroup at work and hand off my workload to others. I’ll still be able to check in with them each day and help out when I’m not in court, but I finally get some HELP. Oh and I get to dress up and wear heels again, which I’ve actually missed since I started working from home.

As much as I joke around about shoes, I’m not in any way saying this will be easy. I consider this an INCREDIBLY serious responsibility. So please understand if you ask questions, I cannot answer them until after the trial. Even then, I’ll have to see how I feel about sharing my experience. I will say that I feel like it’s an honor to be part of the process and I wish more people wouldn’t try to get out of jury duty; although I completely understand the inconvenience it can cause for everyone involved.


I do not intend to stop blogging and I plan to keep posting as I have been. Though I may miss  a day here and there, depending on how busy I am between court/work/personal…etc. I hope you understand.


Just wanted to stop by and share the news. Hope you are all having a great week!


Another Wednesday…Another Food Log!



Before we get into the eats…I’m thinking of getting another little furball. And by little, I mean…

Cute Little Hamsters_1


Awwww, aren’t they cute! There are actually three little ones in that sleepy pile. When I was junior high, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog so I got a hamster instead. I named her Muffin…she was my bestest little friend, I took her everywhere. These little ones look exactly like her and I’m smitten. I want to go get one so bad. I’ve already picked out a name…which is a probably a sign that one will be coming home soon. I’m just waiting to find out about jury duty first, but Baxter might have a little sister soon! (Not to actually play with of course…he’d probably eat her on accident. Who am I kidding…she’d scare him silly, he’s a big baby).

Ok, now on to the food.



I’m not much of a cereal fan, but I’ve recently found one that I actually like. Kashi shredded wheat in Island Vanilla is absolutely delicious! It’s healthy and just slightly sweet. It’s perfect with a bit of Organic Milk and a bowl of blueberries.




Did you know that some Panera’s are being built with a Drive thru? It’s genius and today I was able to pick up half a Caesar salad and a Turkey/Bacon/Avocado sandwich without getting out of my car. I could tell Baxter wanted to take a car ride, so that’s why we went through the drive thru…

Oh who am I kidding, he didn’t really want to go…I went their because I was hungry and didn’t want to change out of my  yoga pants. The epitome of delicious laziness.



Today is a very long work day. In fact I’m writing this after midnight because I just finished work about 30 minutes ago. I’m going to be in court all day tomorrow so it’s like preparing to go on vacation every single day and I have to clear out as much work as possible in case I have to be in court all week. I broke around 8 for a comfort dinner and made a big bowl of Spaghetti and (frozen) Turkey Meatballs.



Unpictured: a few pieces of chocolate before bed, my eboost and many glasses of water.


I don’t know why, but I’ve been incredibly productive lately. Even with work all day, I still managed to get a workout in and start a few other things around the house. Whatever’s gotten into me…I hope it sticks around.

A Random Check In

I had a completely different post planned for today, a DIY for new succulent terrariums! I had all the stuff set up to do after work, but (and this is the most random part of my day) a bird got into the house this afternoon and made them his home for a bit. I kid you not, he wandered around the plants then apparently kicked them on the floor when he freaked out…plus he pooped all over the actual terrariums during his visit. I couldn’t make this stuff up folks. I didn’t take a picture because I was more concerned about the safety of the bird, then I had to get the mess up before my pup tried to eat a cactus.


The bird made it safely out of the house, in case you were concerned.


Later there were lots of stress induced tears (related to work, not the bird)…and it was just a bad day all around. Sigh.

I have been digging back into homework lately. I think I’ve officially forgotten how to study, can that happen? I’ve highlighted nearly every sentence and I’ve made a ton of note cards…and that’s just Chapter 1. Clearly I have a lot of learning to do!

NASM studying_1


On a more positive note – The AC guy is coming back tomorrow (well probably today depending on when you’re reading this). I finally got my AC fixed about a month ago and it was a glorious month of cool air. Then 2 days before a massive heat wave rolled in, it broke again. The temps hit 111 here that weekend and we actually had to leave and stay with family because it was just too hot in the house to sleep. Hopefully it’s a quick and inexpensive fix since it’s going to be a very hot summer. Fingers crossed!


Hope you are all having a good week and don’t mind a quick little random check in.


…a little reminder for myself on these super bad days…



A New Day…


There I go again, disappearing on you. Sorry. I have plenty of reasons, but none of them are all that good. So let’s just move with an update, shall we?


As you can imagine, life has been a bit out of control lately. The good news is that I may be getting a bit of a break soon (not a vacation), which I’ll explain later since it won’t be finalized for a few weeks. However, if things go the way I think they are, I won’t be working much over the next few months.

Oh good grief…this is way too vague. I might be on Jury Duty for a few months!

I can’t talk about the case or why it’s so long, but I’ll know more in a few weeks when they finish jury selection. So while I won’t be working at my day job, if I’m on the trial, I’ll still be ‘working’. However, it does mean I have to offload my work to others for a bit, and I’ll be forced to step out of some projects. I can’t tell you how much I need that right now. I’ve had more and more work dumped on me lately with NO help. At a minimum, this will force some help to step in while I’m out. So while my boss isn’t happy (understandably)…it’s really out of my control at this point. We’ll just have to see what happens when I report back.


I’ve been trying to find that silver lining, should I be put on the trial, and the thought of getting a mental break from work has picked up my spirits. It’s like finally seeing that light at the end of a tunnel that’s been shut down for a very long time…if that makes sense.  It’s inspired me to get back into the blog and start a few new projects. One project is to blog once a day for the month of July. Yes, I know…lofty goal for someone that hasn’t blogged in nearly a month, but you have to start somewhere. I love writing/blogging and I truly miss it right now, so this should be a fun challenge for me.


Since I’ll be back tomorrow, I’ll keep it short & sweet and leave you with some wise words that I’ve been loving lately.

Definitely a lesson I could stand to learn a bit better.


Via: Ali Edwards 


Back To Blog – #InstaCatchUp

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while, a long while, since I put up a new post. I don’t have an exciting excuse as to why I disappeared, it was just due to work. We’ve gone through layoffs AGAIN, and we lost someone on our team. So I’ve taken on more work, and I’ve gone from treading water to full out drowning each day. It’s been tough to steal a few hours away to blog and do house projects. But I miss it and you guys, so I’m going to try and make a stronger effort to blog a few times a week again.

I’ll keep it short today and just share a few instagram pics that I’ve taken lately. You can click the link below to follow me on Instagram.

Follow @addisonshaw 

My little bug had a episode of tremors (a very mild seizure) a few weeks ago. There is nothing that makes me feel more panicked than realizing my pup is in trouble and I have to carry all 95 lbs of him down three flights of stairs and rush him to emergency because he’s can’t walk. It was terrifying. Of course by the time I got to the doctor, he was fine so I just looked like the crazy dog lady. They ran tests and he’s perfectly healthy, so hopefully it was a one time thing.

I’ve recently become ADDICTED to watching YouTube beauty videos when I can’t sleep at night. I love the shopping haul, monthly favorites, and empties videos so I can see what other people are buying and recommending. I love beauty products, but I haven’t invested much time into myself over the past few years. Apparently that’s over! I’ve been on a HUGE beauty binge lately. This was a recent Sephora, MAC, and Papyrus haul. That’s not even the half of it folks! Seriously, someone needs to stop me.

I also tried gel nails for the first time recently. I did these myself at home using a Gelish Mini Basix kit that I bought from Sally Beauty. I don’t know why I waited so long to try gel nails, I LOVE them! I took this picture after about 4 days, but they are still on my nails and it’s been nearly 2 weeks. I did do a little fill after a week to hide the grow out, but otherwise it looks amazing. The coolest part is that the silver polish you see in the French tips is not gel polish, it’s just regular Sally Hansen Xtreme Polish in Celeb City. Knowing that I can use my regular polish in a Gel Manicure has me totally hooked. I might do a tutorial on how I did the manicure in a future post, so let me know if you’d be interested in that.

Pretty flowers I found on Easter Sunday. They made me smile.

More beauty stuff…told you I was addicted. I scored a great deal at House of Lashes recently so I stocked up since they are my absolute favorite full lash strips, especially their Au Naturale collection.

Boredom ensued while I was waiting for my eye appointment last weekend. I don’t take pictures of myself very often, but here ya go.

Ok…I swear this is it for the beauty stuff…for now. I joined Julep Maven which is a monthly subscription box of nail polish…I mean, really…like it took much to pull out my credit card for that one. I do love that you get to preview the box each month before it ships. If you don’t like what’s in your box, you can swap boxes for a different one, or you can skip it completely and save your money that month. I used coupon code, JULEPVIP, to get my first box for just a PENNY! If the code no longer works, check out RetailMeNot for current promotion codes.

Alright, that’s it for today. I have a few furry houseguests right now, so I have to go hang out with my little doggie entourage. I hope you all have a great weekend, talk to you soon (I promise!).