EvoLovely Designs – Etsy Store Now Open!

Do you ever dream about what life would be like if you were to win the lottery? Would you retire to a tropical island or keep working? In my dream world, I own my own businesses, ideally a ‘home decor’ shop (a la West Elm) and a dance/yoga studio. Not together, mind you, though that would be interesting. I have no desire to just stop working if I were to come into some money. Though there would be a glorious vacation around Europe…and a new car (my 14 year old civic is on it’s last leg).

I obviously haven’t won the lottery lately, and I can’t invest in a brick & mortar store right now. However, I have the next best thing and I am ridiculously thrilled about it. Welcome to my little launch party!

EvoLovely Designs Etsy Shop

I’ve opened my own Etsy store!

EvoLovely Designs has technically been open for about a month so I could work out the kinks and learn my around this new world. I came up with the idea of opening my own Etsy store a few years back, but I kept putting it off, for various reasons. I finally decided to just do it, even if it wasn’t perfect. I kept wanting to have all the answers, but that’s not possible so I’m going to just enjoy the journey. I came up with the name because I kept describing my dream store as a lovely evolution of simple things, handmade designs, and vintage finds. My hope is that even if people don’t buy anything, that they can find something beautiful every time they stop by.

Below are the different sections of the shop, though I’m always coming up with new items to add. Aside from the vintage finds, all items are handmade by me.

BONUS: You guys have always been such an amazing support system for me while I’m on this change of destiny/career journey. If anyone would like to purchase an item in the shop, please use CMD2012 to save 10%. This coupon code will be active through the rest of 2012, use as often as you like. If you like anything, but want different colors, styles, volume…let me know, I’m happy to work with you on a custom order [contact me through Etsy or via email: evolovelydesigns@gmail.com]

String Art Designs

My favorite type of art to make would be string art designs. I find it cathartic to come up with new styles that haven’t been seen yet, and figure out a technique to layer colors and incorporate mixed media. I have so many different ideas bouncing around my head all the time, so they were the obvious item to put in the shop. I have a few new styles going up soon for the holidays as well as fun designs for year round. As with all the items in the shop, new items will be added all the time.

String Art - Birds

Sugar Skull String Art - Day of the Dead String Art - JOY Honeycomb Gold


I’ve actually been making jewelry since I was little. I was the little girl that made thread bracelets and walked door to door in my neighborhood selling them for a quarter or a dime. It was my ‘lemonade stand’. I’ve evolved a bit since then, but have continued to make jewelry over the years, selling them in various venues.

Multi Crystal Gold Thread Earrings Sparrow Peach Teardrop Earrings

Blackberry White Doily Dahlia Hoop Earring

Vintage Dahlia Lace Bobby Pins

Body Scrubs

One part of this process I’ve really enjoyed is finding creative packaging options. This is my favorite. Each body scrub comes in a 8oz Square Mason Jar with a Daisy Cut lid. So when you’re done with the scrub, you can use the jar as a drinking glass. Just wash, pop a straw through the daily lid, and off you go!

Current Fragrances (more coming soon):

French Vanilla Mint

Lime Coconut

Cranberry Clove

Green Tea & Aloe

Tropical Pina Colada

Butt Naked (yes, that’s the fragrance and it’s amazing!)

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

 Body Scrub Mason Jar Daisy Lid Mason Jar Daisy Lid

Home Decor

I’m currently working on a few more items for the home decor section of the shop, including some more office supplies, ombre dish towels, and soy candles.


Sherbert Dahlia Magnets

Vintage Finds

This section will be changing all the time as I find new, fun antiques and vintage items. Right now I have an amazing fabric stamp, but I’m constantly on the look out for new old items.

Vintage Fabric Textile Stamp

Who else has an Etsy store? Please feel free to link up in the comments to share your shops with the group!