Office Remodel – Update

I’m going to just jump right back into blogging and hope you don’t realize that I’ve been MIA for about 6 months…sorry. Reality is that I needed a break. I tried to come back earlier this year, and as much as I wanted to blog, I couldn’t get the words out. I started so many posts over the past few months and they sit unfinished. So I figured a break was in order, always knowing that I would be back. So here I am…and I have some exciting projects to share with you. Please bare with me as I get back into my writing groove.

But first…Thank you for all the kind notes that were sent to me over the past few months. So many of you were encouraging me to come back and that meant so much to me. I greatly appreciate every single message/email. THANK YOU!

Two projects that have been a long time coming are a Office Remodel and a Backyard Update. I have a bit of cleanup to do in the yard, so that update will come later this month. Today I’m excited to show you some progress in the office.

Anyone remember this (very messy) room? I can’t recall the last update I provided, so we’ll start here.

Office Remodel_Before1

Office Remodel_Before2

First I had to clean…a lot.

Next I swapped out the broken white wood blinds for bamboo blinds.

Office Remodel_Blinds1

Then I added molding to each window to create the architectural frame. For such a small investment, the effect is amazing in the (nearly) finished room.

 Office Remodel_Blinds2 Office Remodel_Blinds3

Next Up…Paint!

Office Remodel_Paint1

I wanted to pick something neutral for the walls so I could use accessories in different colors. I like to vary my decorations based on seasons and holidays, so a neutral color wall works perfectly. The color is Valspar Hot Stone.

 Office Remodel_Paint2

Depending on the lighting, the color can appear light brown or taupe. I do wish it were a bit lighter, but for now it works really well.

 Office Remodel_Paint3

After moving the desk and filing cabinets back in, I decided to tackle the lighting situation. I also wanted to install a ceiling fan since the summers are scorching hot.

The dreaded boob light…sigh…

Office Remodel_Fan1

…now looks like this! I loved the fan so much, I’ve added 3 more throughout the house.

 Office Remodel_Fan2

I found these beautiful black Allen & Roth fans at Lowes on sale for about $100 each. This model is no longer listed online; however, Harbor Breeze sells a very similar model (HERE).

 Office Remodel_Fan3

Since the picture above was taken, I’ve added a chaise lounge and built an ‘L-shaped’ desk. But those are for another day…

I’ll be back Friday (I promise!), hope you are all having a wonderful week. Happy October!!

Office Update – Window Mouldings

I always hate when a weekend ends, but this once has been pretty good. I hope everyone else was able to enjoy a few days off, with family, or doing something you enjoy. It was warm here, as expected, so we stayed in most of the time. I did run some errands on Saturday, and caught up on schoolwork. On Sunday I was inspired to get stuff done, so I broke out the tools and worked on the office. While I did buy the supplies for the yard, it was too warm to work outside so I hope to make some progress in the evenings this week.

Looking back, this is what the office looked like when I first moved in. Green carpet and green walls. In fact the whole house was green carpet and green walls, so I wanted to change things up right away…it was just a little too much sage green.


I’ve shared this part of the transformation before, but in case you missed it, I’ll recap. I had originally planned for this to be a vintage travel themed room. Dark walls, vintage travel posters and strictly for the day job. I have another spare bedroom which was going to be my personal office, but that has since been turned into an actual spare bedroom. While I do like the color, it’s very cozy…it’s too dark. I realized that fairly soon, and never did the second coat of paint that it required. You’ll be able to see the spotting paint job in the below pictures.

I didn’t clean up before taking these ‘Before’ pictures a while back…ya know, keeping it real. I’ve since changed a few things, but for the most part it looks pretty much the same.

Right side of the room…

Office Before

Due to the angle, I can’t get a picture of the whole room without taking the door off it’s hinges (not gonna happen right now). So you’ll have to deal with these split up shots as the re-design continues. I do plan on painting the door at some point, so I’ll try to get a full photo then.

Left side of the room…

Office Before

You can see the white blinds in the shots above. I removed them a few months ago and replaced them with bamboo blinds. While the white blinds are nice, they were broken on the window behind the bike and expensive to replace since their considered custom sizes. It’s a builder grade home with custom windows…go figure.

This next phase was to add moulding to the windows before I get started painting. The first time I ever cut window moulding, I did it by hand with a MITRE box and hand saw…holy torture. I can move a queen size mattress & box spring up 3 flights of stairs by myself, but I can’t cut a piece of moulding by hand. Seriously! So when my dad helped me with another moulding project (yet to be shared on the blog), he left his MITRE saw for me to use. AMAZING! The last moulding project took me nearly all day to finish…this project took less than an hour and I did 3 windows (2 in the office and 1 in my bathroom).

I still need to fill and caulk the moulding, but I’m excited to finally see some progress in the room.

Before – Window 1

Office RE-Design: Window Moulding_In Progress

After – Window 1

Office RE-Design: Window Moulding_In Progress

Before – Window 2

Office RE-Design: Window Moulding_In Progress

After – Window 2

Office RE-Design: Window Moulding_In Progress


Next steps:

  • Fill & Caulk the Moulding
  • Repaint the Whole Room (Including window moldings)


Fingers Crossed – I’ll have another update for you next week.

Let’s Get This Office Started!

Hooray! It’s the weekend!


I’m really excited for this weekend, not only because it’s  a few days off…but I’m hoping to make some progress around the house. If the weather cooperates I’m planning to install the faux grass in the yard and I’d also like to make some progress in the office. The windows need moulding and I think I have finally picked the color. Not sure if I’ll be able to get all the painting done…it’s supposed to be around 100 degrees, so it may just be too uncomfortable, but we’ll see.


The plan is to paint the walls a neutral beige/grey/taupe color, in fact I think I’m going to use the color I used on the potting bench, just color matched for interior. I’ve already swapped out the broken white blinds for bamboo shades, exactly the same as the ones installed in the spare bedroom. I’ll share those once I have the moulding installed.

Here are a few other things I hope to incorporate into the room.



1. Allen & Roth 44-inch Mazon Matte Black Celing Fan

The fan is a must since the summers are very warm and I prefer not to use the AC if I can avoid it. I’ve been searching for the perfect fan, and this is it! It’s modern, clean and has efficient lighting. Plus, it’s not too expensive…something that is rare for a beautiful fan.

2. Ikea KIVIK Chaise

I want to incorporate some comfortable seating in the office, aside from my office chair. I’m in here so often that it would be nice to have a comfy blogging or reading spot. Let’s face it, the pup will probably enjoy sleeping in here with me too.

3. Ikea TORSBY Table

I’d like to install an ‘L’ shaped desk in the office. It’s a bit difficult to describe the vision I have in my head, but I’d like to use this dining table for one side of the ‘L’ and build the other side to look like the below picture (with the shelving as well). I like that the table is high enough to fit my filing cabinet underneath it, and I can use the frosted glass top as a light box for my art.


Here are a few photos that are an inspiration for design and color scheme.











This is purely inspiration for color…I adore this combo. So clean and refreshing.



Tiny Tweaks!

I’ve been in a bit of a home decor funk lately. Progress has stalled and I’ve been itching to makes some changes. Since subtle changes throughout the house can make a huge impact, I thought I’d tackle a few.

First project was to install new blinds in the Spare bedroom. I took down the old wood blinds months ago when I added the window moulding, but I wasn’t sure what to use as a replacement. Then I read this post from Young House Love, and they shared a link to some bamboo blinds that were incredibly affordable. My window is not a standard size so it’s been difficult to find inexpensive window coverings.

Spare Bedroom Update -  Bamboo Blinds

The bed was completely made before my pup decided to ‘make it more comfortable’. He has a tendency to photo bomb my project pictures. Don’t see him? Look closely at the dark blanket…see that dark brown blob? Yep! He kicked all the pillows off the bed just to curl up at the bottom.

The blinds were pretty simple to install. The hardest part was fitting the screwdriver between the window and the hardware in that back corner. Once the brackets were installed I slipped the blinds on and tightened the included wing nuts. Easy!

Spare Bedroom Update -  Bamboo Blinds

Not bad for a $30 quick fix!

Spare Bedroom Update -  Bamboo Blinds

The next step is to swap out the lampshade for a simple white ceiling fan. I know they aren’t the most attractive things, but it’s all about function when the summers hit 110 degrees (and your AC is broken).

Another doggie photo bomb! He’s such a creeper, staring at our neighbor’s house.

Spare Bedroom Update -  Bamboo Blinds


With the successful Spare Bedroom tweak under my belt, I headed over to Target to pick up some night lights. My home is very compacted…by that I mean it’s tall (a 3 story condo), but it’s skinny. Lighting in the house doesn’t cover an expansive area and I’m constantly turning on a new light every few steps. It’s annoying. The night lights allow me to walk throughout the house without having to turn on and off every single light.

I found these awesome LED lights for about $8 each.

Fancy Night Lights_1

Is it weird that a night light is my new favorite home decor item?

Fancy Night Lights_2

It’s beautiful and it covers those ugly outlets! I also love that they don’t have switches. They automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or as needed when the lights are turned off.

Fancy Night Lights_3

It’s like a little piece of art on the wall.

Fancy Night Lights_4

I also have one of this design in the Spare Bedroom. It’s not as bright as the other style, so it’s a little less disturbing in a bedroom.

Fancy Night Lights_5

The last easy tweak was to do a little remodel in my bedroom. The Master bedroom has been a design challenge for me. I can’t quite figure out what to do with it. What you see in the pictures below is only half the room, it’s big, but like the rest of the house, it’s skinny, so it doesn’t feel particularly spacious.

I actually like having the bed is this placement, but I really hate the window behind the bed frame. I’m toying with a bunch of different ideas, but for now I just wanted to try a different placement for the bed.

M Bed_1

Since this is temporary, I left the art up on the wall even though the bed is now blocking it. I do like being able to see the window better, but it doesn’t leave any space for a nightstand. I’m using a small bookcase right now and while it’s functional, it’s just not working. 

[There he is again! We should play some sort of ‘Spot the Dog’ game.]

M Bed_2


What kind of tweaks have you been doing around the house?

Refreshing A Feature Art Wall

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone’s week is going well.


Even though I moved inland 2 years ago, it still amazes me how quickly the weather can change out here. When I lived in Orange County, weather was mild. Now I live an hour inland, and today we went from 100 degrees, hot and sunny to a severe thunderstorm warning. A cloud has literally unzipped over my house. I love the rain so I don’t mind much, but the wind has been causing a bit of havoc and I’ve never heard thunder this loud. Before I realized that the storm had hit, wind caused my blinds to knock over a vase, shattering glass all over my kitchen and living room. Needless to say we’re stuck indoors so it was time to tackle a project that’s been on my list for a while.

[We’re also intermittently losing power so I’m not sure when this post will go up, but hopefully it does post on Thursday. If not, then ummm…HAPPY FRIDAY!]

Months ago I bought a set of numbered art prints from the same person who created the calendar I used in the Letterpress Journal. The artist was doing a deal where you got one print free if you bought two. Since I wanted the the set of three anyway, I went for it. The prints came from France, and with shipping, I think they cost me about $120. Certainly not cheap, but I loved them so much, it was well worth every cent.


After spending quite a bit of time staring at blank walls around the house, I decided this little alcove would be the perfect place. This oil painting is pretty, but it just wasn’t working for me.

Custom Art Wall

However, the space is perfect for displaying art since it has a built in lighting. Just imagine I swapped out that ugly yellow lighting for  a pretty chandelier in the near future.

Custom Art Wall

Before I show you the after shots, let’s take a side step. My first job was at Aaron Brothers (an art supply and framing store) as a sales person. I worked there throughout high school and college and over time transitioned to certified framer and later to a key holder. Looking back it has been my favorite job to date, but that’s not really the point. The point is that I cannot bring myself to pay for framing since I know how to do it myself. I’m referring to the matting in particular which can get ridiculously expensive.

Tip: I also know that their penny sales are always in January and July, so if you need multiple frames, pick them up during that sale where you can get the 2nd frame for just a penny. In addition to the three fames for this project, I picked up three more for other projects, and the grand total was just under $100. 6 large frames for $16 each is a great deal when they all were marked at about $40+ each before the sale.

Custom Art Wall

To mat them myself I picked up a 2 full size mat boards, in Ash, from their framing department for $28. For less than $30 I was able to mat all three prints and I’m left with enough scrap for quite a few more prints.

Tip: You can have their framing department cut down the boards to any size you want, usually for free. I had them cut me 3 pieces of 20×28 from the 2 boards which saved me time (and space since full size boards would be a tight fit in my little car). In most cases they will cut them down for you for free; however, if they do charge you, it shouldn’t be anymore than $.25 a cut which is still a good deal.

Tip: ALWAYS take the scrap/extra, if they don’t give it to you, ask for it. If you’re paying for the whole board, you should get the whole board, regardless of what they cut for you. Unless it’s just sliver sized pieces, you can use them for a variety of things at home.

Custom Art Wall

I didn’t take any pictures of the matting process, but if anyone thinks it would be helpful, I’d be happy to write up a tutorial. I have the Logan Model 301-S Compact Mat Cutter at home, which is a good model to do small scale matting. It’s inexpensive and easy to use.

Tip: Clamp the mat cutter to the table using inexpensive hardware store clamps to keep it from shifting while you are cutting. If you have a very steady hand you can buy a Hand Held Mat Cutter and use a ruler to cut the mat. Unfortunately, my hand isn’t steady enough to use this method, but others have success with it.

Custom Art Wall

Once the art was matted and framed, the last step was to get it up on the wall. Turns out that wall is really tall and my ladder is not, so it took a little creative thinking to get up high enough, but it worked. I won’t show you what I rigged up, since it was a ‘don’t try this at home kids’ trick, and I don’t want to give my mom a heart attack.

Custom Art Wall

*I fixed the wrinkling you see in the below picture.

Custom Art Wall

So much better than the oil painting.

Next up, I plan to paint the wall behind the art a shade of grey and replace the recessed canned lighting with a pendant or chandelier. 

Custom Art Wall



*Mat Cutter links are affiliates.

How to Use Art as a Headboard [Spare Bedroom Update]

Who’s ready for a  Spare Bedroom update?[FINALLY, right?]

Last time I shared this room, I had installed the moulding and it had been painted. I’m still deciding on the upper wall color so in the meantime I turned my focus to the headboard and bedding.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Before_1

To save money on the redesign, I decided to use a piece of art as the headboard. I bought this geometric panel years ago at Pier One for about $70. Since moving into the house, it hasn’t had a home and has been sitting behind a chair on the first floor.

My apologies in advance for some of the color differences in the pictures. Some were taken with daylight, and the others were taken at night during installation.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_4

The panel is beautiful so I wanted to use it in a fun way somewhere in the house; as a headboard seemed like the perfect choice. In my last place, it was hanging on the wall so hanging wire had already been installed. However, in time, the wire had loosened and I ended up with a little problem after setting up the hardware.

Hmmm…this was not going to work.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_3

So I ran past the store and picked up some D rings instead. For something this heavy, D-rings are recommended anyway so this solved a few problems and ensures that the headboard is completely stable.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_7

Problem #2 – How do you remove these blasted hooks without damaging the wall? If there installed correctly, you shouldn’t be able to just pull them from the wall. There also isn’t an easy way to get the claw end of a hammer under the hook without damaging the wall or moulding. The bargain hunter in me also wanted to save the hook for future use.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_2

Enter my trusty little screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver into the space near the nail.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_5

Now you have a spot to sue the claw of the hammer to gently loosen the nail from the wall.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_6

Now that the nail is lifted up by the screwdriver/hammer method, you should be able to gently pull it from the wall with minimal damage to the both the wall and hanging hardware.

Spare Bedroom Headboard Hardware_8

Then hang it using the new D-Ring hardware.

Whew! That’s better.

Spare Bedroom Headboard_3

I’ll share more about ht bedding later as the colors are still being finalized. Right now it’s white & grey with a softly patterned sheet. The orange and green pillows will likely move to another room, but I LOVE the headboard. I hadn’t originally planned on a black headboard, but for now, it’s perfect and looks great with the white walls and new moulding.

Spare Bedroom Headboard_1


It’s just another reason to think outside the box…errr…headboard. Any type of art has the potential of creating an amazing ambiance. Just a few tips when using art has a headboard:

    • Raise the art slightly higher than a traditional headboard would hang, for several reasons.
      • Oil from the hair and or skin has a tendency to discolor fabric headboards which could also happen if you use a fabric or canvas based art.
      • If using framed art with glass, make sure it’s high enough that you won’t be leaning against it while reading in bed, or in a  spot that could be easily hit.
    • And in ALL cases, be sure it’s secured safely and strongly to the wall. The last thing you want is to be woken up by a falling headboard. Ouch!


Some inspiration:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Via, Via, Via, Via, Via, Via, Via

Foyer Update

I finally forced myself to build some bookcases this past weekend so I thought now would be a good time for a Foyer/Library update. Especially since I’m a little torn on if I actually like the direction I’m going in. I can see the end result in my head, but this room definitely needs some work.

A look back…

This is what the room looked like after I moved in. Not bad, but no one sat down in this room, so it just wasn’t functional.


This room is primarily used as a pass through to the backyard. It gets lots of puppy traffic so I don’t want to fill it with furniture. I’d rather leave the space as open as possible so my thought was to use it as a Library/Mud Room.

A few weeks back I tackled the first project of painting the back wall. It’s a neutral beige with slight peach undertones. It’s the same color I have in the third floor hallway and plan on using as the general interior house color. For now I’ve only painted certain walls this color as several walls are 2-3 stories high and I’ll have to hire someone to finish the painting for me.

Next up, I pulled some bookcases that I already owned out of another room and set them up on the sides. In the middle is a hope chest I inherited from my grandmother. Plan is to refinish and reupholster it at some point. I’m not sure it will stay in this room long term, but it works for now.

Foyer Library In Progress

Some fancy balancing on a ladder resulted in two bookcases attached to the wall. The floors are somewhat uneven in this house, so all bookcases must be attached to the wall. Not to mention that I live in the land of earthquakes.

Foyer Library In Progress

Two Billy bookcases have been sitting in my foyer for nearly 2 months? way too long. These are obviously larger than the existing cabinets, and a different color. However, the white was marked down to $59 each which made them an easy choice.

Foyer Library In Progress

About an hour later I had built both bookcases and attached them to the wall.

Foyer Library In Progress

This is where the foyer stands now. I’ve filled in some books temporarily, but this room stills has a long way to go. The plan is to make the bookcases look like built ins, so I will be installing moulding and painting the dark cabinets white. I’ll keep the doors on the outside cabinets as they hide a multitude of DVDs and the garden supplies that no one really needs to see.

I think I’m also going to swap out the hope chest for a bench, add a shelf between the bookcases and hooks to hold jackets and dog leashes.

Foyer Library In Progress

If I’m being honest, I don’t really like it right now. It feels very mix and match, and not in a good way. However, I think with a little paint, moulding, and decor it could actually end up looking like the library in my head.

2 Year Home Anniversary – A Look Back

Alright, first things first. Who’s making a Golf Cake for Father’s Day?

Golf Birthday Cake

It’s been the most popular post on the blog lately, so I suspect there are quite a few golf enthusiasts out there that will be eating cake this weekend. Great additions would be a sand pit (made with brown sugar), or a flag (using a skewer, cut in half). I’d love to see those cakes if anyone does it! I may just do a special post to share your golf cake pictures so feel free to leave links in the comments or email me pictures.


Okay, now back to the point of today’s post. The 5th of this month was the 2 year anniversary of when I purchased my first home. I didn’t start the blog until a year later so there are a bunch of projects that I never originally blogged about; although, I have been trying to share finished projects in order to catch up. I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the before and after pictures from the past two years.


Front Door Entry

There haven’t been any major changes to the front door with the exception of decorating and I changed out the handle/deadbolt when I moved in. This is my favorite picture from the Autumn setup. The star was found at HomeGoods and I built the Front Door Post myself. In the past year I’ve also created the Halloween Sign, Yarn Wrapped Fall Sign, Valentine Cork Heart, and most recently the Hand painted Welcome Sign.

Front Door Post



The backyard has been a bit of a challenge since it is completely paved. I have a dog and I desperately needed some grass so the main goal was to find a way to grow grass on concrete.


BAM…Yes. I. Did.

Growing Grass on Concrete - 1 month update

The grass planters work very well and would continually grow grass year round if my dog didn’t enjoy killing it so much. I’m tempted to swap out the real grass for a synthetic grass this summer.

Vertical planters went up along one wall to add some height and extra gardening space.

Vertical Gardening_11

…and I built a potting bench for the wall.

Oh, and I can’t forget the BBQ…still love that green!



First Floor Bathroom

This is one of the rooms that I did before starting the blog. I had all the accessories with me from my previous apartment so I knew that I wanted a Hawaiian themed room somewhere in the house.


I ended up using a refreshing Bamboo color on walls which really brightens up such a small room.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

French Doors

Oh, those doors! I though I was stuck with broken blinds until I found inspiration online to paint them!


This project made a huge impact and I’ve since covered several other windows in my house with the privacy film.


Dining Room

This room is still in progress since I’m currently using a small card table as my dining table.


For under $100 I added moulding and I LOVE it.

Dining Room Moulding - X

I get quite a few questions about that bar. It is a knock off of the Pottery Barn Bar and my dad built it for me. You can see more about the bar, here.

Dining Room Moulding - X



I’ve shared all my Garage woes on the blog so this is probably not new to you. Over the past few months I’ve made a ton of progress. Remember when…

Garage - Before

…and now with all the shelving, it’s actually functional. I’ve since added a temporary workbench in the open area that I’ve been using for painting projects.



Another project that was well documented on the blog, and probably my favorite project to date. I was SO intimidated by this project that I kept pushing it down the list. I didn’t think I could really do it on my own.


I started off by painting the fireplace screen, and that gave me some motivation to keep going.

Little by little, I started chipping aware at the tile.

Fireplace Demolition

Before I knew it, the finishing touches were in place.

Fireplace Remodel


Powder Room

This is a small powder room near the living room and kitchen. The room has no natural light which made it difficult to get the wall color right.


I ended up a peachy beige and decorated with that lovely orchid and rustic boxes. The garden lantern on the floor holds extra toilet paper rolls.

Powder Room - After

I replaced the standard oval mirror with a larger version that I scored at HomeGoods for $49 and the Moroccan urn works as a trash can.

Powder Room - After



I don’t think I’ve actually share the Kitchen as a whole on the blog before. I’ll show a little more in another post, but we did make one change to that half wall shortly after moving in.


An added ledge. Such a simple addition and it made a huge functional difference to the kitchen.




This one shouldn’t be new to you since I just shared it the other day, but here’s a quick before…


…and in progress (right now)…it will all be changing soon.

Office Before

Spare Bedroom

Another room that’s current in progress (and actually making substantial progress lately!). Before…


…and in progress…

Spare Bedroom Moulding_1


Third Floor Spare Bathroom

Another all white bathroom. A blessing since I wanted to decorate each room myself, but it was so bland when I moved in.


Yes another room that I think I painted 3 times before settling on the green. First it was pink, then it was blue, then I scored with the ‘army’-ish green.


3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

(yes, those curtains need to be hemmed)


Laundry Room

The laundry room is the room that you look into when you come up to the third floor, so I wanted it to look good. Who wants to stare at an ugly room every time you come upstairs?

Laundry Room Before

A grey blue on the walls and sea grass baskets gave it the perfect style. Oh, and clearance art…can’t hate that!

Laundry Room

On the wall leading in to the laundry room I have the DIY Chalkboard Thermostat Frame.

“Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow”

So True!

Chalkboard Thermostat Frame


There are a few other rooms that I haven’t shown you, like the Kitchen, Living Room, and the Master Bed/Bath. I’ll make sure to share those in the future. I’m also going to be updating the Home Tour page soon which will add some, much needed, organization to the site.


Have a GREAT Weekend!

Introducing the Office – Before

I’ve been dreading this post for a bit, it’s such a mess that I’m embarrassed to even show you. This is my office right now, where I spend at least 10 hours each day, often more. I have two spare bedrooms in my home, and the original plan was to turn one into a ‘day job’ office, and the other into an art studio. For the office, I had grand plans for a loveseat sleeper (so the room could be used as a bedroom for guests), and the walls would be decorated with vintage travel posters so I could dream about getting away. I even had them all picked out online. Then my brother gave me a queen size bed and I no longer needed this room to double as a guest room. All of a sudden the idea changed and it’s been sitting in limbo for nearly 2 years. (…and the Art Studio became a real Spare Bedroom…well kinda…it’s in progress)

Here’s a little look back to what the office looked like when I first moved in. There another window and a closet hiding tot he left of the door.


The really incredible view. Since the office is on the 3rd floor, I get to see above all the other homes and all the way to the mountains on a clear day.

…and the first round of design which was never fully realized. The dark teal/blue is actually beautiful and would have looked great with the vintage posters, I think.

However, since the plan changed it has become a hodge podge of crap. Random art covers only one half of the room, the other wall is completely bare. I have two chairs…but only one butt…figure out my logic in that one. I recently borrowed the exercise bike from my parents as an attempt to ‘work out’ the stress from work when necessary. It actually comes in quite handy throughout the week. Although I will likely send it back to them when I finish this remodel.

Office Before

Office Before

Broken IKEA bookcases that are holding random supplies for now (the rest are shoved in the closet. Thank your lucky stars that I won’t show you those pictures). I was in the middle of moving all the books downstairs to the Foyer so it looks messier than usual.

Oh, who am I kidding, I moved those book downstairs 2 weeks ago and my office still looks like this!

Office Before

Office Before

Such. A. Mess.

Office Before

Office Before

I have a whole list of ‘needs’ for this room, such as more desk space, organization, more storage, and comfy seating. I want this room to feel more like an oasis than a dungeon. I actually really love the wall color, but It’s going away in exchange for something lighter.

Here’s a little inspiration…

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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Introducing the Foyer – Before

Before I had moved into my home, I had decided the purpose of every single room. I knew which one would be an office, which would work as a spare bedroom, I even decided to use some space to set up a workout room. However, I have one odd space that had no real purpose. at that point, it was simple a walk through to the backyard. 


I don’t use this space other than to let the dog in and out. Filling it with furniture would block the backyard doors, although I suppose it was probably setup in the model home as a ‘formal’ living room. I just have no use for a fancy living room, so I filled it with extras. When I replaced the couch in the family room, the old couch moved to the Foyer. I had a few screens that also didn’t have a home yet, so they ended up in the Foyer. As did an IKEA chair and a plant.


It was nice, but not very functional. I rarely ever sat in the couch or chair and family/friends never congregated in this space. We’d either be in the family room upstairs or outside.


To breathe some life into the space, I first tackled the French Doors and removed the blinds, painted the doors and installed privacy films. Just the simple change added so much to the room and let in so much light. Now, I’m on to the rest of the room.


This week we took the couch to the dump as it was so old it wasn’t salvageable for anyone else. Now I have a wide open wall where I can build my new Foyer which will double as a Library! I already have the bookcases that will be going in the space, they will be installed on both the right and left side of the wall.  I just need to paint two of them, and the wall needs a new color. I will also be adding some seating between the bookcases and some more storage above the seating.

A little inspiration…

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The inspiration is a little random, but I can see the finished room in my head and it will all blend together perfectly (I hope).