I’m Feeling Inspired – Advent Calendars

I unexpectedly took this weekend off from posting the ornaments because I was hosting a Puppy Slumber Party (i.e. I was dog sitting for my mom, so I had 3 pups at the house) and by the time I got around the finishing the ornaments, it was too dark to photograph them. I’ll be starting back up tomorrow.

Puppy Slumber Party was a little more literal than I meant it to be and they slept most of the time. That’s right, it was rocking up in here this weekend!

My little man…completely worn out from napping hanging with his friends.



Since I don’t have an ornament for you today, here is some advent calendar inspiration. I absolutely adore some of the DIY options out there right now.




Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest





Source: parents.com via Kristin on Pinterest

















Source: emmas.blogg.se via sara on Pinterest