2 Year Home Anniversary – A Look Back

Alright, first things first. Who’s making a Golf Cake for Father’s Day?

Golf Birthday Cake

It’s been the most popular post on the blog lately, so I suspect there are quite a few golf enthusiasts out there that will be eating cake this weekend. Great additions would be a sand pit (made with brown sugar), or a flag (using a skewer, cut in half). I’d love to see those cakes if anyone does it! I may just do a special post to share your golf cake pictures so feel free to leave links in the comments or email me pictures.


Okay, now back to the point of today’s post. The 5th of this month was the 2 year anniversary of when I purchased my first home. I didn’t start the blog until a year later so there are a bunch of projects that I never originally blogged about; although, I have been trying to share finished projects in order to catch up. I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the before and after pictures from the past two years.


Front Door Entry

There haven’t been any major changes to the front door with the exception of decorating and I changed out the handle/deadbolt when I moved in. This is my favorite picture from the Autumn setup. The star was found at HomeGoods and I built the Front Door Post myself. In the past year I’ve also created the Halloween Sign, Yarn Wrapped Fall Sign, Valentine Cork Heart, and most recently the Hand painted Welcome Sign.

Front Door Post



The backyard has been a bit of a challenge since it is completely paved. I have a dog and I desperately needed some grass so the main goal was to find a way to grow grass on concrete.


BAM…Yes. I. Did.

Growing Grass on Concrete - 1 month update

The grass planters work very well and would continually grow grass year round if my dog didn’t enjoy killing it so much. I’m tempted to swap out the real grass for a synthetic grass this summer.

Vertical planters went up along one wall to add some height and extra gardening space.

Vertical Gardening_11

…and I built a potting bench for the wall.

Oh, and I can’t forget the BBQ…still love that green!



First Floor Bathroom

This is one of the rooms that I did before starting the blog. I had all the accessories with me from my previous apartment so I knew that I wanted a Hawaiian themed room somewhere in the house.


I ended up using a refreshing Bamboo color on walls which really brightens up such a small room.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

French Doors

Oh, those doors! I though I was stuck with broken blinds until I found inspiration online to paint them!


This project made a huge impact and I’ve since covered several other windows in my house with the privacy film.


Dining Room

This room is still in progress since I’m currently using a small card table as my dining table.


For under $100 I added moulding and I LOVE it.

Dining Room Moulding - X

I get quite a few questions about that bar. It is a knock off of the Pottery Barn Bar and my dad built it for me. You can see more about the bar, here.

Dining Room Moulding - X



I’ve shared all my Garage woes on the blog so this is probably not new to you. Over the past few months I’ve made a ton of progress. Remember when…

Garage - Before

…and now with all the shelving, it’s actually functional. I’ve since added a temporary workbench in the open area that I’ve been using for painting projects.



Another project that was well documented on the blog, and probably my favorite project to date. I was SO intimidated by this project that I kept pushing it down the list. I didn’t think I could really do it on my own.


I started off by painting the fireplace screen, and that gave me some motivation to keep going.

Little by little, I started chipping aware at the tile.

Fireplace Demolition

Before I knew it, the finishing touches were in place.

Fireplace Remodel


Powder Room

This is a small powder room near the living room and kitchen. The room has no natural light which made it difficult to get the wall color right.


I ended up a peachy beige and decorated with that lovely orchid and rustic boxes. The garden lantern on the floor holds extra toilet paper rolls.

Powder Room - After

I replaced the standard oval mirror with a larger version that I scored at HomeGoods for $49 and the Moroccan urn works as a trash can.

Powder Room - After



I don’t think I’ve actually share the Kitchen as a whole on the blog before. I’ll show a little more in another post, but we did make one change to that half wall shortly after moving in.


An added ledge. Such a simple addition and it made a huge functional difference to the kitchen.




This one shouldn’t be new to you since I just shared it the other day, but here’s a quick before…


…and in progress (right now)…it will all be changing soon.

Office Before

Spare Bedroom

Another room that’s current in progress (and actually making substantial progress lately!). Before…


…and in progress…

Spare Bedroom Moulding_1


Third Floor Spare Bathroom

Another all white bathroom. A blessing since I wanted to decorate each room myself, but it was so bland when I moved in.


Yes another room that I think I painted 3 times before settling on the green. First it was pink, then it was blue, then I scored with the ‘army’-ish green.


3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

(yes, those curtains need to be hemmed)


Laundry Room

The laundry room is the room that you look into when you come up to the third floor, so I wanted it to look good. Who wants to stare at an ugly room every time you come upstairs?

Laundry Room Before

A grey blue on the walls and sea grass baskets gave it the perfect style. Oh, and clearance art…can’t hate that!

Laundry Room

On the wall leading in to the laundry room I have the DIY Chalkboard Thermostat Frame.

“Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow”

So True!

Chalkboard Thermostat Frame


There are a few other rooms that I haven’t shown you, like the Kitchen, Living Room, and the Master Bed/Bath. I’ll make sure to share those in the future. I’m also going to be updating the Home Tour page soon which will add some, much needed, organization to the site.


Have a GREAT Weekend!


Eco Challenge – Evolve Rainfall Showerhead

Yes, it’s April and I said I would do the Eco challenge in March. Life happens and things fell off track so I’ll be continuing the eco challenges into April as well. My goal is to finish the 30 days and that’s what I plan to do.

This project actually allowed me to mark two different items of my To-Do list. I’ve been wanting to replace my standard showerhead with a rainfall version since the day I moved in, but I also wanted something that was environmentally conscious. I found the perfect items sold by a company called Evolve. Their technology shuts down the water to a trickle once it gets hot, meaning that I no longer waste tons of water running down the drain while I wait for the temp to heat up.

Eco Evolve Showerhead

I’ve never done any type of plumbing or bathroom repair and at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. However, it ended up being incredibly easy to install and took less than 15 minutes start to finish.

First up, I removed the basic showerhead that came with the house. Using a wrench it came off very easily.

New Eco Showerhead

The tape was in bad shape so I used a blade to score it and removed as much as I could from the threads.

New Eco Showerhead

New Eco Showerhead

The new showerhead came with enough new tape to wrap the threads. Nice to know the kit came with everything except the wrench used to remove the original.

New Eco Showerhead

Once the tape is on, I just screwed on the new showerhead. Seriously easy.

New Eco Showerhead

Here’s a look at how it works. I turned on the water to warm, like I always do, and walked away.

New Eco Showerhead

A few moments later once the temp had gotten hot enough, it slowed to a trickle.

New Eco Showerhead

Once you get into the shower, pull the string and the water will return to full force.

New Eco Showerhead

I purchased this showerhead in particular through Amazon, although they do have several styles. With shipping, it cost me $37 and they shipped very quickly.  The version I purchased has 3 different spay patterns, but I love the rainfall feature. It reminds me of a tropical shower, and if I close my eyes I can pretend I’m in paradise and almost, ALMOST hear the sound of the ocean in the distance.

If you happen to love your current showerhead, Evolve also has an adapter you can use.

*This post was not sponsored by Evolve in any way, they don’t know I exist. I just happen to really like this product.

Before/After – Hawaiian Style Bathroom

I’m curious…how do you approach home design? Are you a finish one room at a time person, or do you like to work on projects all over the house? I tend to work on little bits in every room, meaning each room is in some sort of progress. However, small rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms I finish all at once since they are small and usually inexpensive. Of course this doesn’t take into account any type of remodel.

This is the full bath on the first floor of my home. One of these days I’m going to post a whole house walk through so you can fully grasp the unique layout of the whole home, but for now I’ll just show you pieces. I finished this room a while ago, before I ever started this blog, so I don’t have all the costs handy. I believe the entire Re-Design was about $50.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- Before

White…White…and more White…

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- Before

The tiny space made pictures al little difficult.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- Before

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- Before

When I was in high school/college I worked in an art and framing store. I loved that job. When I was working with customers on framing choices I would swoon over their artwork. One piece of art I fell for was of a Hawaiian dancer. So when my brother got married in Maui a few years later, I went on the hunt for my own Hawaiian art.  That art was the inspiration for this room.

Since the room is small and dark, I wanted a light and refreshing color. I used a quart of Valspar in Bamboo Shoot. It was the perfect shade of Avocado…although that’s not entirely the image I had in my mind when I started this room. I ended up loving the result.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

I picked up the towels from Homegoods when I realized the colors were a perfect match. I also picked up a clearance towel rack and basic oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

The shower curtain is a dark brown and something I’ve had from my previous apartment. I also used Plumeria style curtain hooks which tied into the theme perfectly.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Since there is minimal storage in this room, setting the extra towels on the back of the toilet became a functional decoration.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

Random Fact: Since I was travelling home by plane the art was triple wrapped in bubble wrap. It came home without a scratch. Within minutes of unpacking, my previous dog jumped up on the bed and stood right in the middle of one print. If you look closely (in person) you can see her nail scratches and footprints. I was mad at the time, but now I love that memory since she has passed.

Spare Bathroom ReDesign- After

I believe this is the last room that I finished prior to starting the blog so now you’ve seen it all. The rest of the house is in a state of progress, just the way I like it.

Spare Bathroom Reveal – 3rd Floor

It’s the start of a new week and I have an exciting bathroom reveal for you. I actually finished this room a while back, before I had started this blog, so I thought I’d share it now. The deep colors just scream fall to me, so it seems like the perfect time.

Just like the Powder Room, and the Laundry Room…this room was all white when I purchased the house. I’m torn on whether this was a good or bad thing. It was so sterile I rushed to paint every room as quickly as possible; but on the other hand, they were an excellent blank canvas. Bad picture is courtesy of the home listing, apparently they were completely averse to vertical pictures. However, it’s the only one that still shows you the ugly brass door knobs and ‘padded room’ white design.


Unfortunately it was so much harder to figure out how to design this room. I started out with a light pink, and it was going to be very girly…too girly. Then I thought grey would be better since this was a spare bathroom, and I thought going gender neutral would be a smarter design choice. However, the grey I bought was really baby blue. I painted one wall in this bathroom three different colors before I landed on a deep olive green.

It’s actually very similar to a Semi Gloss Army Green.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After


In fact I was so giddy to finally find a color that worked that I bought a whole gallon of it. So now I have an almost full gallon of semi gloss olive green paint left to use somewhere else (not sure where yet).

So why did I pick green? It was all because of the towels I found at Target. It’s a little difficult to get a great picture of the deep tones, but they are a really rich palette; with dark brown, deep teal, rust, burgundy, and cream. Shortly after finding the towels,I came across the metal art at Homegoods, it was perfect.

3rd Floor Spare Bathoom - After

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

Back when I lived in the apartment, I had purchased the dark wood hutch for extra storage. I almost didn’t bring it with me when I moved, but it actually worked out great in this room. It added the storage that is very lacking and matched the hardware that I added.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

This is the bathroom overnight guests would use so it’s fully stocked with all the essentials in case anyone should forget something at home, or decide to stay last minute.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

The knobs are from Anthropologie and make me swoon.


The towel hardware was on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond. I picked up a second one for another bathroom as well. I actually wish I had bought a few more, but they were out by the time I went back. These replaced the cheapo builder grade silver hardware.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

The curtain hardware was also a standard oil rubbed bronze rod purchased from BB & Beyond. However, the curtain itself is just fabric from JoAnn’s. I had used this as my bedroom curtains at the apartment, but the cream color matched the towels and the subtle design seemed to play well in the room.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

I only needed to add a shower curtain liner which I picked up for super cheap at Wal-Mart.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

…however the fabric is a little long and I still need to hem the curtains.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

The accessories were random odds and ends that I had stashed around the house.

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

I love this statue. I wish I could recall where I bought it from. When in doubt, Homegoods is probably a good guess. (It may have also come from Cost Plus World Market)

3rd Floor Spare Bathroom - After

Yet, my favorite part of the entire room is this section. I love the star and that candle, they make me happy.



I still have some things I’d like to do in here; such as replace the vanity and the flooring, but otherwise I love the way it turned out.

I don’t have a specific cost breakdown for this one since I didn’t itemize as much before I started the blog. Although, with the help of my trusty calculator (I suck at math), I estimate it was around $100. I bought a lot of things on clearance/sale and I used coupons as well, so this room was a bargain.


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Powder Room ReDesign

One of the things I loved most about my home when I bought it was the potential. All the bathrooms were still builder grade white. Boring, but I was so giddy about all the different possibilities. Over the past year and a half, I have completed 2 full bathrooms, 1 powder room, and the laundry room. All the bedrooms are in a stages of completion, but since bathrooms are small, it’s easy to finish them quickly. Especially since I’m not doing renovations…yet.

My favorite redesign so far has been the powder room, essentially a half bathroom which is near the living room. This is the bathroom that all guests would use since it’s in the main living area near the kitchen. I wanted it somewhat simple and rustic.

Here is the room before. The only picture I have is the one that was posted with the house listing, so it’s not great. Just imagine everything being white. White tile, white pedestal sink, white toilet. It felt a little like a small padded room.

The towel & toilet paper holder hardware was the cheapest builder grade possible. Of course the room was set with the standard ‘fancy’ oval mirror. The room has no natural light and the recessed can light provides a yellow glare, so the after pictures will seem a little dark.

Powder Room - Before

This was my inspiration picture…but really only the flowers were the inspiration. I hold the term ‘Inspiration’ loosely since the finished room looks very little like this. However, I loved the bright pop of color from the flowers and the natural wood vase. I actually think the vase is a glass vase is sitting on top of a natural wood candle holder, genius!

Apologies for no source. I think it was one of the HGTV dream houses, but I don’t have the link.


Powder Room - After

The first step was to buy a new mirror, and I lucked out by finding the perfect one at Homegoods, it was under $50. It instantly gave the room an upgrade look. I decided to leave the pedestal sink since it was in good condition and I also decided to leave the tile for now. I hope to change it out later.

The trash can in the corner is a small stool and Moroccan style ‘jar’, both are from Homegoods. (Seriously I spend a lot of time and money in that store).

The rug, which you can only see a bit of is from IKEA a few years ago. I’d like to change this out eventually when I find one that fits the room better. However, my favorite part of this picture is the towel hardware, which came from West Elm. It’s beautiful and rustic looking, I love it. I also purchased the Toilet Paper Holder from the same collection.

Textured Bath Hardware, Towel Ring, NickelTextured Bath Hardware, Toilet Paper Holder, Nickel

View, opposite the mirror.

Powder Room - After

The whole room really came together when I found the boxes. They are essentially overpriced wooden crates from Pottery Barn. I found them at the Pottery Barn Outlet so my wallet didn’t cry as much.

The white lantern on the floor is being used as a holder for extra toilet paper. It can hold an additional 4 rolls, so visitors (or myself) never have to worry about running out.

Powder Room - After

The accessories in/on the boxes were things that I already had around the home. Some white wash cloths that visitor can use to dry their hands. There are several candles that the make room smell lovely, as well as other knick knacks. I believe the ceramic owl was from West Elm, the Star was from Crate & Barrel Outlet, and the circle cup was from Anthropologie.

Powder Room - After

Project Cost Breakdown

Paint: Quart of Olympic Barefoot Beach $14

Mirror (Homegoods) $49

Towel Rack (West Elm) $22

Toilet Paper Hardware (West Elm) $19

Faux Orchid Plant (Homegoods) $19

Boxes (Pottery Barn Outlet) $50 ($25 each)

White Lantern (Homegoods) $29

All Other Accessories (Already Owned): $0

Total Project Cost: $202

I budgeted $200 for this room and I’m thrilled that it was so close.


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