I’m Feeling Inspired: Unique Lighting

I’m sorry I disappeared on everyone recently, life has been out of control. Between trying to write the eBook, launch the Etsy store, keep up with the day job, and prepare for the upcoming half marathon (2 weeks!)…I’ve been losing my mind a bit. There was an unfortunate incident with an invasion of ants this past week that ruined 3 batches of fruit butter, and destroyed all the fresh fruit I had out for the next few batches. Needless to say my house, and life, is a mess right now, but it’ll pass. I already have 20 items created for the Etsy store and I can’t wait to share these things in the coming month.

I’ve also started thinking about the holiday and some fun projects. I’ve been really inspired by rustic finishes lately and I’m thinking of creating some sort of ornament chandelier for over the dining table for the holiday. This first pic is what made me think of the ornament chandelier. Has anyone ever used ornaments in a unique way in past, I’d love to see what you did.

This is short and sweet today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with the September Mental Dumbbells post. Also, as many of reminded me, I promised a Pumpkin butter recipe. It will be up soon as well.

A little lighting inspiration.

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stunning light fixture. Would love to see this dripping out the bottom of a large drum shade.



DIY Tiered Shade Bedroom Lighting

It’s finally Friday! Yay! I hope everyone has been having a great week. I’m honestly glad this one is over, between me being sick and one of the puppies  being sick…it’s been a rough week. Luckily both of us appear to be doing better so I hope to finally get that grass redone in the yard this weekend if the weather cooperates. I’ve also been working on some new art pieces lately that turned out better than expected so I’ll share more soon. Since I couldn’t get the grass done last weekend (it was raining), I worked on a light project for the Spare Bedroom.

I have been coveting this tiered pendant light for quite some time. Unfortunately it runs almost $400 and that’s not in the budget for a spare bedroom that will be rarely used. Honestly, it’s also too big for such a little room, but I love the tiered look.

Lights Up! Kimono Deco 21" Wide Pendant Light


So I decided to create my own smaller, far cheaper version (mine cost less than $30) out of the existing light fixture that came with the house. Yes, that is the dreaded boob light fixture; although, I already removed the ‘boob’ before taking the pictures so just use your imagination…unless you find that weird. In that case, whatever you do, don’t think of boobs…

…and now this post has just taken an awkward turn.  I wish I could say it will get better, but these lamp manufacturers have a serious sense of humor when naming these things.

Bedroom Light DIY_1

Step 1: (Unpictured)

Unscrew the finial at the bottom of the light and remove the glass fixture. Remove the light bulbs so you don’t risk breaking them later when you install the shades.

Bedroom Light DIY_2

Step 2:

Remove the threaded nipple.

Bedroom Light DIY_3

No, I didn’t make that up just to include more boob references for you. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, and for the record I’m not looking forward to the pervy Google search spambots finding this post.

You can buy extended sizes for a few dollars in the lighting section at your local hardware store. If you are just adding one lamp shade, then the existing piece will probably be sufficient; however, I wanted to add two shades to create a tiered look so I needed something longer.

Bedroom Light DIY_4

Step 3: Pick out your shades.

I picked up a pretty gray shade at Target for about $24. The color was perfect for the neutral design I was going for, and it was wide enough to accommodate a second shade underneath it.

Bedroom Light DIY_5

Bedroom Light DIY_6

If you wanted to use just one shade to replace the existing light fixture, you want a shade with a spider fitting. You can fit this on the existing fixture, screw on the finial and you’re done! I had it set up like this for a while, but you could still see the light fixture from the top. I preferred to have a shade that reached the ceiling and covered the existing fixture.

For the tiered look, I needed two different types of shades. The Target shade had a Uno fitting which would not fit onto the existing fixture since the ring was too big, the finial would have passed right through the fitting.

Bedroom Light DIY_7

However, when I stacked a shade with a Uno fitting over a shade with a spider fitting, it was perfect. The white shade is something I had on hand, but I’d like to eventually swap it out for something with a pretty pattern.

Bedroom Light DIY_8

From that point, installation was incredibly easy. I fit the shades over the threaded nipple and the finial held everything together. 

Bedroom Light DIY_9

Step 4:

Add the light bulbs back in, and you’re all DONE!

In addition to the light, I also put up some art to finish off the room for now. I’d eventually like to repaint the walls, change out the art, add some storage, and hang new curtains.

All in good time.

Bedroom Light DIY_11

Eco Inspiration– Reusing a Light bulb

This will be the first Eco post that I have not done myself. Part of me is disappointed, but since I’ve transitioned most of my light bulbs to CFLs, I can’t do this until the last few standard bulbs burn out. However, I found them unique enough that I wanted to share them with you.


Aside from the below, I found a few other ideas out there, but couldn’t verify the sources so I didn’t include them. In particular how to turn a light bulb into a oil lantern and I saw several pictures of people who connect wire to the top and hung them from a tree. I really liked the idea of hanging them, since you could fill them with anything (i.e. ribbon, glitter, confetti, crumbled up colored cellophane…even crumbled newsprint/books pages could look very cool.)


Here is a good resource on how to hollow out the light bulb.

DIY: Hollow Out A Light Bulb via TeamDroid

Lightbulb project

…and some of my favorite uses for the leftover bulb…


The use of frame bumpers to create feet for the bulb is genius and so simple.

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Via the Hipster Home


Lovely Valentine idea.

Via Design Sponge

Bud Vase


By Ready Made via Apartment Therapy


This one isn’t a light bulb, it was made out of an ornament, but the idea could potentially work using the bulb.  The concept is too pretty not to include.

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Via Wednesday Custom Design


Love this one so much! I have two standard bulbs left in my house and one of them is turning into a bud vase like theirs. So beautiful.

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Have you reused a light bulb? If so, how?

Eco Challenge – Solar Light Lanterns

This ended up being one of the simplest projects, but it has had such a great effect. Over Christmas last year, I picked up a few boxes of Solar Christmas Lights from Target. (You can still buy them online, in stores they also had a smaller string of 25 bulbs). They were more expensive, but worth it since I wasn’t using any additional electricity in the home thus, not increasing my electric bill. Plus they have a built in timer, meaning they only go on at dusk.

I tucked them away because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I knew that I wanted to use them in the yard since I only have one outlet outside anyway, but I wasn’t sure how. That is…until I saw HomeGoods had restocked their garden section.

I found these lanterns for a great deal, and the finish is black rust so even when it rains, they won’t be damaged. The lights will be fine in rain as well, but the sensor should not be kept in a place where it will be submerged or in standing water.

Solar Light Lanterns_6

Here comes the seriously easy part…shove the lights in the lantern.

Yep, that’s it.

I kept the solar sensor outside the lantern and wedged it between the wall and the potting bench. It’s able to absorb plenty of light, but I’m able to block it from view with some plants. Once dusk hits, they automatically turn on.

Solar Light Lanterns_5

There are beautiful! I seriously LOVE these. I wish I could show you how great they look at night, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture. The greatest thing is that you can tuck them all over the yard and not worry about extension cords, outlets, timers, wasted electricity, etc.

I even wrapped a strand around the potted cypress trees I have on either side of the French doors.

Solar Light Lanterns_4

Such amazing ambiance for the cost of the lights and some sunshine!