An Old Fashioned Thank You

Living in an electronic world has it advantages, and on a daily basis I embrace the electronic, gadgety side of life. In fact I work my 9-5 job for a techie company, but there is one thing that I demand be done via Snail Mail.

Thank You Notes!

Source: via Morgan on Pinterest



As a kid, we didn’t have that new fangled thing we now call email. We had to write letters and thank you notes with…gasp…a pen and paper. My kids will someday be shocked by this I’m sure. However, I hope I can pass along this little bit of advice.

Always send thank you notes…via snail mail.

Everyone loves mail, as long as it doesn’t have a window, or have the word ‘Collections’ on the front. So you have a win-win situation with thank you notes. They are a sweet gesture that I promise you will be remembered.



Growing up, my parents taught me to always send thank you notes to family and friends when I received a gift, yes they raised me right.



As I’ve gotten older, I always sent thank you notes to family and friends for Christmas/Birthday gifts. However, I’ve also started sending thank you notes for invites to parties/events, if I’m a guest in someone’s home, or if someone has gone out of their way to do something nice for me.



To this day, I hear that my family and friends appreciate the little notes year after year. Nothing puts you in their good graces more than showing some appreciation for their gesture. But that’s not really what it’s all about. Even if you thank them in person, it’s still a very gracious gesture to send a thank you note…and let’s face it, we could use a little more grace in this world.



My advice to you, especially if you have kids, students, or other tiny humans in your family; teach them at a young age to send thank you notes via snail mail. No matter how electronic we get in life, this is a life lesson that will serve them well over the years.



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